Comic Review 85 // The Daily Dredds Vol. 1

Welcome to something a little fun and different. The Daily Dredds is spread across two volumes and showcases all the mini strips published in the Daily Star (a UK newspaper), these came out every Saturday and I didn't even realize they existed until recently (though I'm not surprised as I would have been between the ages of -2 and 3). Let us dive in and see how these go.

Okay, nothing groundbreaking. The first volume contains 319 strips from 1981 to 1986. The first few tales are pretty standard and act as an introduction to Judge Dredd and his world. Then we get about 315 one page quick and dirty stories spread across the years of Chief Judge McGruder and Chief Judge Silver. The stories aren't worth doing breaking down one by one as none off them are worth remembering to be honest. In most of the tales, we get two panels of a crime and then 5-7 panels of Judge Dredd. There are some true highlights like the different Alien lifeforms, the crimes and a fun Max Normal strip. But with such a limited space it is hard to fully immerse yourself into the stories.

I ultimately enjoyed reading these tales, though none are worthy of the ages. What you have here is just a fun pick up reading book. Something to pass a few hours by and just bring a smile to your face. I will hit up the second volume in a week or two. Let me know your thoughts if you have read these until next time here is a Max Normal panel and thanks for stopping by.

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