Comic Review 83 // Restricted Files 03

Yeah, yeah I know I messed up and did volume 04 first. But here I am attempting to correct that issue with jumping straight into volume 03 now. The tales go from 1990 to 1994 and I am intrigued to see how serious the tales actually are.

Story: Carry On Judging Script: Alan Grant Art: Cliff Robinson
A bit of a weird tale using the Carry on film cast as the main theme. Ultimately ends up being a holo-vid illegally imported from Brit-Cit. A very filler piece in my opinion so I will move on.

Story: Beyond the Alley of the Ultra-Vixens Script: Alan Grant Art: David Roach
What starts as a gang shooting, ends up with Dredd closing down an illegal anti-gravity wrestling meet up. Not sure how the two were linked but somehow they are. Very nice artwork and one hell of a weird commentator.

Story: Computer Warrior Script: Alan Grant Art: Ron Smith
A Juve has managed to get his hands on a gaming slug that has been banned due to the violence involved and the theme of the game, fighting crime as Mega-City Ones finest Judge Dredd. We get to watch the child play through the game and as he reaches the end the real Judge Dredd arrives on the scene to arrest the child. Bit of classic story setting but fun none the less.

Story: Sleeping Mutie Script: Unkown Art: Paul Marshall
A weird tale for sure. Thought it was going to be a spin on sleeping beauty, though definitely taking inspiration from it, it then travelled down a different path. Prince Vince is in search of this lost love a blonde-haired frog mutant from the Cursed Earth. Managing to get past the city wall guards, Prince Vince discovers his love in a frozen cell suffering from a brain injury. When Dredd tells Vince what had happened the Prince lashes out against Dredd and of course, loses.

A very filler piece that doesn't serve any purpose but the real question is who wrote it? How did they manage to lose that info?

Story: Top Dogs Script: John Wagner Art: Colin MacNeil
Amazing cross over involving the Strontium Dogs and Judge Dredd! A criminal from the future is using MC-1 as a hideout so the Doghouse sends Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer to go get him. The only problem is our main man Judge Dredd doesn't like it when people take the law into their own hands. Great first time meeting of the characters can't wait for it to happen again.

Story: Jonathan Livingston Dog-Vulture Script: Alan Grant Artist: Paul Marshall
A funny comedy tale, we meet Jonathan Livingston a vulture-dog from the Cursed Earth. All Jonathan wishes is to hunt like a hawk and enjoy fresh meat, the only problem is their mutation doesn't really allow for grace. Here ensues some comical errors and the first and last viewing of an official Chef Judge.

Story: Christmas is Cancelled Script: Mark Millar Art: Brett Ewins
Judge Dredd is coming down hard on the Scot-Blocks following the discovery of bootlegged whisky. Until the Justice Department discover all the bottles and the distillery no one is celebrating Christmas in these blocks. A pretty straight forward Xmas time comic strip, with some stupid stereotyping happening, I did like the twist at the end (which I won't spoil).

Story: Cult of the Thugee Script: Alan Grant Art: Glynn Dillon
Judge Patel disappeared from the Justice Department, turns out he has been brainwashed by a cult to commit murder in the name of Thugee. Lucky for MC-1 Dredd and Anderson are on the case. Has a quirky comic ending with Dredd sending Anderson to the Kook cubes. I really enjoyed this tale and the artwork.

Story: Love Story II – Futile Attraction Script: John Wagner Art: Ian Gibson
Bella Bagley is back from the Kook Cubes and still in love with Judge Dredd. After killing her first Eldster, Bagley desires Dredd more than ever and takes over an Eldster home and starts killing the hostages one by one. Now it is up to Dredd to flirt the hostages to freedom!

Story: Judge Planet Script: Peter Milligan Art: Shaky Kane & Jo Flatters
Oh my God, this is the original script for that comic in the Restricted Files 04, I finally discovered who Judge Planet is. This is a weird-ass tale with some of the most strange

Story: The Juve Mutated Kung Fu Kleggs Script: Andy Lanning & Steve White Art: Dermot Power
A complete pop culture piece jumping onto the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie that had been released at the time. Basically, swap turtles for Kleggs and you get the idea. Raised to fight crime and to be calmed by ice cream truck music, four Kleggs escape into MC-1 and start causing trouble, here enters Judge Dredd and even more, comedy/chaos happens. A great piece with beautiful artwork and the right amount of laughs.

Story: Auld Aquaintance Script: John Wagner Art: Cam Kennedy
Seemingly written for New Year's Eve, mostly a flashback episode of the year. Also weirdly set in the Scot Blocks once again. Nothing of real note in this strip pure filler.

Story: The Sleeper Script: John Wagner Art: Geoff Senior
A used Droid had a sleeper program activate following the death of his owner. Soon the Droid is exacting revenge for its previous owner and Judge Dredd is soon on the case. The truly exciting part of this tale is the reappearance of Walter the Wobot, now a successfully used Droid salesman and he has lost his lisp! Well until he meets Judge Dredd once again.

Story: Impact Imminent Script: Simon Furman Art: Steve Yeowell
Ian Impact a famous music star has a planned visit to MC-1. Impact mania has taken over an entire sector causing multiple arrests and keeping the Judges extremely busy. Elsewhere exiled Sov-Judges from Kazan's Regime decides to attack MC-1 once more with a Nuke!

Story: The Mystery of Judge (Edwin) Drood Script: Dan Abnett Art: Mike Hadley
A Post-Necropolis story, Edwin Drood is charged with digitalizing old files from the welfare system of MC-1. After being attacked at a Resyk Hall Edwin uses the old files to discover his attacker and attempts to arrest him. The final results are unsurprising considering the links to a novel of the same name.

Story: Roboblock Script: Simon Furman Art: Lee Sullivan & Kev Hopgood
After discovering what was possibly a leaper, Judge Dredd heads into Paul Verhoeven Block. This is no ordinary block, this block has a computer brain and all the tasks are completed by droids. Can Judge Dredd outwit the mainframe before the Robot Chef cooks him alive? A seriously fun little tale never realized Judge Dredd had a hairy chest!

Story: Joovz ‘n’ the Hood Script: John Wagner Art: Richard Preston & Edmund Kitsune
A truly fun look into the life of a MC-1 block. What happens when a crime is committed on the edge of two rival gangs. We get to watch it escalate into a full-on gang war involving two blocks of Juves going head to head. Love the idea of so much destruction happening that the blocks will be possibly torn down.

Story: Parallel Lines Script: Alan Grant & Tony Luke Art: Brett Ewins
In the across dimensional story, we discover an MC-1 run by the technologically advance Judd. They cross over to our Judge Dredd's world and give one offer, join us or get crushed. In classic JD fashion, he refuses to go down and instead does everything in his power to prove who is the real law.

Story: Serial Killer - Silence of the Limbs Script: John Wagner Art: Simon Hunter
A Brit-Cit tourist (?) has come to MC-1 with one goal in mind, to take the title of fastest kills in one night from the "Lefty" serial killer. When the first right hand is discovered with a timestamp, Judge Dredd realizes what is happening and is up against the clock. Can he stop the killer escaping to Brit-Cit and being immortalized in the record books?

I actually remember this tale when it came out, I loved the artwork by Simon Hunter and I remember trying to recreate it. Such an inspiring tale and really quite a classic murder story gave a sci-fi twist. Love it.

Story: The Squealer Script: John Wagner Art: Greg Staples
A woman has information on two perps who committed a bank robbery the day before. But the way she received the info it is completely unbelievable, via dead husband. Soon the woman is squealing on multiple crimes and becomes a paid informant for the Justice Department. That is before the final twist of the tale.

Story: Kinky Boots Script: Robbie Morrison Art: Paul Grist
A bit of a weird tale about two characters who has a serious boot fetish. But what would be the best boot to add to the collection.....Judge Dredd! Bit of a filler tale but fun enough.

Story: Hate Inc. Script: John Smith Art: manual B
An all-new assassination firm is active in MC-1. When it becomes obvious they would have to "whack" Judge Dredd the perps at least had the sense to hire outside muscle. Here enters the Gila-Munja, a cursed earth tribe of mutant assassins. With skin at can blend into the backdrop and claws dripping with poison these creatures are the ultimate killing machine!

This story was pretty good, a little bit action, a little bit thriller and even some Judge Corruption! Set after the Necropolis story arc it seems like a lot of Judges went rogue.

Story: Virtual Unreality Script: John Wagner Art: John Burns
Judge Dredd is investigating missing art objects from paintings when suddenly he is found inside a painting. Believing to have been drugged Dredd follows the clues and plays out the dream/nightmare, before returning to the real world. This is definitely a quirky tale.

Story: Nightmare Man Script: Alan Grant Art: Dean Ormston
A research team creating a relaxing night time beverage have been dying in their sleep. It is up to Judge Dredd to discover the real cause behind these nightmares and bring them to justice. A straight forward tale but some seriously amazing artwork from Dean Ormston, so gritty and dark but also so obviously comical proportions. Loved it.

Story: Call Me Mr. Nice Guy Script: John Wagner Art: Greg Staples
Judge Dredd is on school duty and teaching about crime to the young generation. During the lesson, we learn that Billy's Great Grandad is possibly selling tobacco! This leads Dredd onto an arrest, live in front of the young children. Classic Dredd manipulating the youngsters into informing on their parents, the story ends with every child crying hahaha.

Story: Cage of Knives Script: Alan McKenzie Art: Paul Marshall & Dondie Cox
A bit of a filler tale. A strange new cult has risen in MC-1 and the leader is about to be interrogated by Dredd. The question is who is the actual prisoner? Interesting piece showing the beginning of Judge Dredd's doubts over Chief Judge McGruder's second run in office. This is something we see happen in the case files soon I believe.


Much better than Volume 04, with more serious (for Dredd) tales that actually progress the story arc. I just wish these were in the case files at the correct time, as a few of these contain not big spoilers but definitely story enhancing plots. Anyway, this was a great way to finish the Restricted Case Files volumes and I am looking forward to diving back into the case files.

Thanks for joining this adventure.

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