Book Review 80 // Ahriman: Unchanged by John French.

Welcome to the second week of my month to the Thousand Sons. The first week was reviewing Ahriman: Sorcerer, which to be honest I had very mixed feelings for. Part of me loved the world the building but it felt slow and a bit overwhelming with all the characters and plot twists. As I entered this final tale in the trilogy I was feeling ready for a triumphant finish. Will the most iconic Villian of the 40k verse give me this? Let's jump in and find out.

Book Details

Title: Ahriman: Unchanged

Author: John French

Publisher: Black Library

Type: Paperback

Page Count: 416 (are all Black Library novels made to this length for any reason?)

Commercial Fluff: The final installment in the Ahriman trilogy

It has taken many long years and countless sacrifices, but finally, Ahriman, former Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons, now exile and sorcerer, is ready to attempt the most audacious and daring feat of his long life. His quest for knowledge and power has all been for one purpose, and he would now see that purpose fulfilled. His goal? Nothing less than undoing his greatest failure and reversing the Rubric that damned his Legion…


Here we are on the final novel of the series. Ahriman: Unchanged finally sees Ahriman back at his full strength and moving forward with enacting the new Rubric. The story is pretty straight forward as we kind of know what is happening and what the final goal is. Highlights for me include being able to visit some iconic locations like Prospero and the Planet of Sorcerers in the warp. But sadly this book suffers like the second novel and is constantly told through the viewpoints of other characters, so we don't really get to hear or see Ahriman's true plans from his viewpoint. It is also once again a very slow tale that takes forever to reach the point. What this book is good for is world-building, it's great for expanding the world around Ahriman but it truly failed to keep me interested and I am sad to say this series died for me.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this novel, have you read it? Drop me a comment below and next week we will move onto the Thousand Sons.

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