Beer Review 93 // Colour & Shape by Superflux

Welcome back, drinkers! I am following up last weeks Superflux beer (LINK), with another. Last week's beer did leave me feeling a little underwhelmed with it. For brews reviewed in the 90 point range, I really
expected more. I am hoping this Colour and Shape can will wow me.


Name: Colour & Shape

Style: NEIPA

Brewery: Superflux Brewery - Collaboration with Gigantic Brewing Company

Country: Canada. Vancouver, BC.

ABV: 6.5%

Commercial Fluff: Couldn't find an official description... The best I could discover was - India Pale Ale. Soft, tropical, herbaceous.

Own Opinion

The Label: Another pretty looking label from these guys. It made me think of milkshakes and ice-cream though.

The Pour: Once again like the last can it pours a thick looking, muted egg yolk yellow. A tighter fluffy head on this one, that did actually hang around.

The Aroma: Juicy citrus upfront aroma that is more than happy to say hi and hang around.
The Taste: That citrus aroma transfers quite well into the brew. This is definitely a softer brew compared to the last one. Which is surprising as it has a higher %. A pretty dry yet acidic finish with some lingering bitterness.

Would I buy it again: Yeah why not. It's one of those brews I would like to try again but I wouldn't be rushing out to buy it.

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