Beer Review 92 // Pretty Much Yeah

Welcome! I'm pretty excited to sit down and write this one. Craft Brand Co. from Toronto managed to secure the rights to help produce some Superflux beers. This is an experimental brewery out of Vancouver, BC Canada. I managed to get my hands on the three available varieties and as a beer and brewery I have never tried I am excited to jump in!


Name: Pretty Much Yeah

Style: Lactose IPA

Brewery: Superflux Brewery - Collaboration with Gigantic Brewing Company

Country: Canada. Vancouver, BC.

ABV: 5%

Commercial Fluff: Pretty Much Yeah is a very aromatic and full IPA made with Galaxy Hops and milk sugar. Softer than a pile of kittens, with pungent passionfruit, clean orange and citrus, and juicy peach notes. Made collaboratively, in Vancouver, with our friends from Gigantic Brewing out of Portland, OR.

Own Opinion

The Label: A Very pretty looking label. Feels a little Ikea picture frame filler, but I feel that a lot with some can labels.

The Pour: Thick, muted egg yolk yellow. A nice fluffy head that was gone in seconds which is a real shame.

The Aroma: Big fruity pineapple juice! It seems like a little bit of sweetness is creeping in as well.

The Taste: Weird. It seems a bit clashing. Sweet sugar type hit early on but finishes bitter and chalky and as the beer warms up you get a strong alcoholic aroma which is a bit off-putting.

Would I buy it again: No. Fun to try but the flavours were just not right for me. I see it scores well with a large number of people whilst the odd one or two seem to dislike it. I didn't hate it but have no urge to drink more. It also seems to be the only one to have not sold out on the Toronto website so maybe that speaks volumes as well.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for stopping by.

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