Miniature Monday // Dan Abnett Block - Sholen Skara Blood Pact Lieutenant.

Following on from last Monday's post (link) I have the model I wish to use as the Blood Pact Gang Lieutenant. It was one of the figures in the Warlord Games starter box set, a bald, mask-wearing, duel pistol-wielding hoodlum. A pretty simple looking plastic model painted quite quickly with Games Workshop contrast paints. It's made with their plastic resin sets, which turns out to be quite fragile if you drop them. But let us move on - here is Dan Abnett Block top Blood Pact Lieutenant Sholen Skara.

Lieutenant Sholen Skara

After being recruited into the Blood Pact Gang early on by the mysterious Urlock, Sholen got involved in The Great Block Purge. During this aggressive Block takeover, Sholen led many of the raids during this early time and helped Urlock take over the entire Dan Abnett Block.

Now the main enforce for the Blood Pact Sholen leads raids into other blocks throughout Sector 102 in the hopes of furthering the Urlock's goals.

Move: 6"
Shoot: 4
Fight: 4
Evade: 2
Resist: 4
Cool: 4
Notoriety: 16
Weapons: Pistol and Pistol
Skills: Gunfighter, C'mon you Lily-livered Scumsuckers, Drokk the stinking Jays!

That's two gangers down and 21 points built and painted. I feel I need a lot more low-level punks to really flesh out the gang. As always let me know your thoughts, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good stuff, Boss! I look forward to seeing more! _moonbad_

    1. Hey man! You found my blog. Didn't realise you had blogger, time to start doing some posts. Maybe we can combine to increase the Judge Dredd and Strontium Dogs sphere?

  2. Long time lurker, first time commenter! Did you actually have your figure break from dropping it? Metals are still King but the Warlord Resin has definitely grown on me a bit these past few months. The one thing I absolutely appreciate in these crazy times is that the whole line appears to be made in-house in the UK (as opposed to mass produced in China) and if you look on the Warlord site a lot of them are "made to order". I'm basically still a 2000AD Yankee noob however I intend on supporting this venture as much as I possibly can. Anyways, I'll catch ya later Boss, cheers! - (And if I ever attempted blogging again I would probably just need to start anew at this point as my blog was a bit underwhelming & half-hearted at best)

    1. Yeah I had the Judge in a citadel painting handle and dropped it. Smashed into five parts, lucky for me the Warlord team solved my problems. I have to agree the whole made to order is a nice touch and I love the fact your get the pickers name as well with all the models.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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