Miniature Monday // Dan Abnett Block - Sirdar Blood Pact Ganger

Looks like I am on a roll with some painting finally. This time I have completed a Warlord Games - Judge Dredd Block Ganger.

Now the issue is I needed a gang for this to be the first member off. In my rush to paint, I hadn't really put much thought into the back story. All I knew was that I needed a gang that is using Dan Abnett block as a base, and I knew it had to be linked to the works of Abnett in some way. So what better way than by picking the name from his legendary Gaunt's Ghosts series....

So with little build up I would like to introduce the First Official member of the Dan Abnett Block - Blood Pact gang.

My plan is to have these as the dominant gang of the Dan Abnett block, completely running the show and the main villains for the Judges to face off against. Moving forwards with the rest of the gang I am going to use red a lot, and any scenery painted will have Blood Pact tags on them. Now of course I could go down the rabbit hole and ritually scar the models etc, but I feel that is a step to far. Most of the rank and file members of the gang won't even understand the reference to Abnett. Instead I want to portray the leadership, as having found a copy of Gaunt's Ghosts and been crazy inspired by it. Forming his own Blood Pact.

This model was a pretty easy figure to paint. First up I sprayed the model grey and gave it a light dry brush of white to pick out the edges. From there it is all contrast paints for the flesh, black trousers, the red and the purple hair. Then the yellow was simply a yellow wash, with the white being a heavy dry brush of paint and then some silver on the chains and pistol. From start to finish it took me about 30 minutes. Is it a masterpiece? No. But it pretty pretty for tabletop.

Sirdar - Blood Pact Gang Punk

Sirdir didn't stand a chance in Dan Abnett Block as a juve. Growing up in the lower levels of the city block, under the fancy shop levels. Sirdar and his older brother would spend weekends robbing shoppers and tapping Dults as the left the shopping level. At the age of 12 Sirdar watched his older brother get gunned down in pointless gang conflict. When the Blood Pact gang started up Sirdar saw an opportunity for revenge on the gangs of Dan Abnett and soon joined. Now officially a Dult himself Sirdar is now a veteran and many believe he collects the ears of those he kills and even has the ears of the ganger who killed his brother.

Move: 6"
Shoot: 2
Fight: 2
Evade: 2
Resist: 2
Cool: 2
Notoriety: 5
Weapons: Chain and Pistol

I hope you like this introduction to the gang and a bit more insight to the Dan Abnett Block. Now the real question is who to paint next?

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