Book review 85 // Lord of Ruin by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee

I failed so terribly at completing my Malus Darkblade story reviews. I had a lofty goal of reading these in order and blogging in a timely fashion. The first tale The Daemon's Curse was posted way back in Feb 2019, this was followed by Bloodstorm in March 2019, then Reaper of Souls in March 2019 and finally Warpsword also in March 2019. Then I got distracted for fifteen months and finally remembered during my Thousand Sons month that I had this unread book on my to-read shelf still. I couldn't believe it, I had completely forgotten about this book. I even searched the blog as there was no way I would have not posted about it. Well, I was wrong, I had forgotten so I curled up and read the story and delved back into the Malus Darkblade timeline and what an adventure.

Book Details

Title: Lord of Ruin

Author: Dan Abnett & Mike Lee

Publisher: Black Library

Type: Paperback
Page Count: 413

Commercial Fluff: In the world of Warhammer, no race is as cruel and treacherous as the dark elves, and no member of this race is more infamous than Malus Darkblade. Now that he has retrieved the five missing artefacts, Darkblade must return them to the daemon before the year is up. But can Tz'arkan be trusted to honour his part of the bargain or will he try to trick Darkblade one last time?


And here we hit the final epic tale of Malus (not counting Deathblade written by a different author). Malus is once again in the middle of trouble. He finds himself in the court of Malekith the Witch King and is appointed commander of his armies. Now Malus has to face his first true test as a commander and defeat his sister Nagaira now a full devotee to Slaanesh and her chaos hoard of beastmen and barbarians. All this whilst attempting to regain his soul from Tz'arkan!

This book took Warpsword and ramped up the action even more. We are treated to almost over the top bloody battles and otherworldly dark magic. Into this backdrop, we have surprising plot twists and unsurprising twists. This is the perfect Warhammer story and truly had me gripped to the end and sad this series had to end. Is this the true reason I hadn't read this book?

Do yourselves a favour and pick up the collection and have an enjoyable read.

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