Beer Review 91 // Focus by Beyond the Pale

Welcome to this little boozy corner of the internet. Once again I am enjoying work brews during this COVID-19 new world. Let's be clear the thoughts are my own, I am not sponsored by anyone and I drink what I like and enjoy what I like. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts below.


Name: Focus - Pacifica Hops and Munich Malts

Style: SMaSH Ale (A single malt and single ale).

Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Country: Canada. Ottawa, Ontario.

ABV: 5%

Commercial Fluff: The FOCUS series is a SMaSH beer, each time highlighting a new malt and a new hop. This version is Munich malts giving it a beautiful clear copper colouring with easy-drinking bready malt flavour, whilst the Pacifica Hops adds a gentle refreshing orange zing.

Own Opinion

The Label: Very traditional looking label, not as exciting as some of the beers. The colour stripes change each time.

The Pour: Beautiful orange/copper pour that has a wonderful lively white head. Great looking brew.

The Aroma: As described it has a great bready aroma from the malts. Smells like a proper German-style beer.

The Taste: A tasty slightly sweet brew. Great clean tasting beer, the malts lead the way in flavours, but as the brew continues you get a soft gentle orange flavour creeping in, so easy to enjoy.

Would I buy it again: Yes. It's a very enjoyable brew and extremely easy to drink. Almost the perfect patio brew, almost.

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