Beer Review 90 // Paradise Lost Pear with Chai by Blood Brothers

Welcome to a very exciting beer review. I got hold of some great beers from Blood Brothers recently as part of a much needed giant isolation re-stock. This one seemed the most interesting out of the bunch, let us crack it open and see where it takes us.


Name: Paradise Lost Pear with Chai

Style: Sour

Brewery: Blood Brothers

Country: Canada, Ontario. Toronto.

ABV: 6%

Commercial Fluff: A golden sour ale brewed with loads of fresh pear and chai spice. Tart pear provides a perfect balance to the Chai spice, resulting in a delicious aroma of spice and smooth pear finish.

Own Opinion

Label: A classic label, in a nice purple colour instead of their traditional black. It helps it stand out more.

Pour: Opaque golden pour, thin head that dies very quickly which is a shame.

Aroma: Beautiful aroma coming off this beer. Big pear aroma, cinnamon and cloves, lots of brown sugary goodness too.

Taste: The taste is like an amazing fruit pie filling, lots of pear and chai coming through. This needs to be a real pie filling it is so good!

Would I buy it again: Yes. This was quickly finished and I was left with the feeling of "why didn't I buy more!". Great brew Blood Brothers so I now need to get more.

Have you tried this beer before? Let me know in the comments below.

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