Beer Review 88 // Gravity of Winter by Beyond the Pale

Like a lot of people at this time, I am stuck at home with too much free time. So what is better than blogging and beer. I have to be honest and say my fridge is full of work beers, please expect a lot of BTP reviews over the next few weeks.

Today's brew is a beautiful porter.


Name: Gravity of Winter

Style: Porter

Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Country: Canada, Ontario. Ottawa.

ABV: 7%

Artwork: Captain Tom

Commercial Fluff: Back for the winter - This porter is brewed with 7 different malts & fermented with a Scottish ale yeast. It boasts a medley of chocolate and coffee roast flavour with underlying dark fruit tones.

Own Opinion

Label: A beautiful winter scene Ottawa, in a cold but colourful palette of colours. The amazing artwork on this can is by the talented Captain Tom go check out his Instagram @captain_tom

Pour: The pour is a deep, dark brown almost black colour, whilst the head settles into a light chocolate brown. Very photographic.

Aroma: Bold roasty malt aroma coming off this brew. A little chocolate, but it is mostly roast and coffee coming from this.

Taste: Yep that is delicious, nice coffee notes hit the tongue along with some chocolate malt which adds a slight sweetness. As the tongue gets use to the flavour a little bit of a fruity taste starts to appear. Kind of like a xmas fruit cake, so raisins and prunes. Very pleasant and very easy to drink.

Would I buy it again: Yes. I really enjoy this beer, it is in my top five brews from BTP and always one to be found in my fridge during the season of it's brewing. I just wish they brewed it more often.

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