Beer Review 87 // Paradise Lost - Soursop Lychee by Blood Brothers

Well as I write this post the isolation has kicked in. Myself and my family are healthy and well and slowly working to the new way of living. I am hoping it will increase my output but no promises as the kids are absorbing the time as they should :)

Up now though is a Blood Brother brew, it's been awhile since my last review and when I drank this last night I knew I had to blog about it straight away.


Name: Paradise Lost - Soursop Lychee

Style: Sour

Brewery: Blood Brothers

Country: Canada, Ontario. Toronto.

ABV: 6.9%

Commercial Fluff: This beer is straight out of the 2020 cruise wear line. Golden body, bright acidity and aromas of citrus and white wine. The combination of soursop and Sabro give the body smoothness and a touch of coconut on the palate. Right when you forgot about the lychee, it comes around the corner and finishes late on the palate.

Own Opinion

Label: Beautiful pale blue, oil effect label with the classic palm tree image from the Paradise Lost series. Nice effect for sure.

Pour: Hazy, hazy, hazy, nice bright yellow with a clean white head.

Aroma: Fruity lychee aroma, smells sweet and makes the mouth water. Very excited to drink this one.

Taste: Fruity and mouthwatering sharpness, bold citrus flavours similar to pineapple I think. Then you get a finishing note of Lychee and Coconut. Extremely drinkable.

Would I buy it again: Yes. Very tasty brew and I am so happy I purchased it. By the time this goes live they should still have bottles available so go treat yourself.

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