Beer Review 86 // Pink Fuzz by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Wednesday one of my top seven days of the week! Time to unwind, relax and crack a beer. Once again I am visiting my work (Beyond the Pale) for another taste of a beer. This time I am supping on the mainline beer Pink Fuzz.


Name: Pink Fuzz

Style: American Wheat with Grapefruit Zest (A style I don't really enjoy normally).

Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Country: Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

ABV: 6%

Commercial Fluff: Not your Bavarian grandfather's wheat beer. Rather than adorn the glass with a fresh slice of citrus we choose to brew the entire batch with a veritable orchard of grapefruit zest. This American style wheat beer uses a west coast american hop bill to emphasise the use of citrus in the brewing process. Move over mimosa, this town ain't big enough for the both of us.

Own Opinion

Label: Beautiful label, tells you exactly what you need to know. This beer has grapefruit, so the label is dominated by it.

Pour: Nice golden yellow colour, with a beautiful white cap. The beer itself is hazy due to the unfiltered nature and the wheat body.

Aroma: A bit hit of citrus, mainly grapefruit which is no surprise.

Taste: This is nice and refreshing. The grapefruit, citrus hits the tongue and is so fresh. Whilst this beer also finishes with a strong bitterness. Pretty easy drinking.

Would I buy it again: Yes. But not to often. Though this is a tasty beer, it is not one I could drink constantly. It is pretty bold in flavour so one of these is normally enough. But it is a beer that is easy to find in Ottawa and well worth drinking when you have the chance.

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