Beer Review 85 // Pale Sour by Ommegang

Been slowing down on the beer drinking of late which is good for multiple reasons, but it does mean I can catch up on the beer blogging! This time we have a Belgian beer via Cooperstown New York, via LCBO so not the freshest, but it is a sour so the flavour should stand up.


Name: Pale Sour

Style: Sour

Brewery: Ommegang

Country: USA though technically Belgian as it brewed at the Liefmans blendery.

ABV: 6.9%

Commercial Fluff: Gently tart, delicately sweet and completely refreshing, this incomparable ale is crafted exclusively for Ommegang by Liefmans, our sister blendery in Belgium.

A mixed-culture fermentation in open copper vats is followed by months of aging in stainless steel. Master blenders regularly mix new batches with older ones to achieve the ideal combination of flavors and the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Pouring a bright gold with a brilliant white head, Pale Sour drinks like a fine white wine.

Own Opinion

Label: A pretty dull label, I can see they are trying to invoke classic Belgian breweries labels but it misses the mark for me. I also feel the name has had no effort put into it. I know a name really means nothing but the straight forward bluntness is dull.

Pour: Bright yellow with a fizzy head that disappears before you can even finish pouring.

Aroma: A pretty fruity flavour coming of this almost a sweet apple.

Taste: Hmm. Flavours remind me of cider, a little tart sharpness, sweet and dry finishing. I know the mention wine, but in my head it is aiming me towards cider.

Would I buy it again: No. Perfectly drinkable but more a case of dullness. This seems like a base beer. Something that a brewery would build off either with fruit or a dry hopping. Glad I tried it but once is most likely enough.

Have you tried it? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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