Audio Review 11 // Judge Dredd: Get Karter

Time for another Big Finish Judge Dredd Audio. With the licensee on these completely gone, these discs are becoming harder and harder to find. IF my any miracle people out there have some and want to trade please send me a message and lets chat!

For this disc we are listening to Get Karter. A follow up adventure to The Big Shot! and the closing story arc for Judge Steel.


Name: Judge Dredd: Get Karter

Author: David Bishop

Cover Artist: Henry Flint


Toby Longworth (Judge Dredd / Driver / Adam Steel)
Clare Buckfield (Judge Amy Steel)
Jeremy James (Blake / Dispatch / Tannoy)
Trevor Littledale (Detective Judge Armitage)
Hannah Smith (Eve Karter / Judge Dalton / Computer / Ms Wynters)
George Telfer (Payne / Chief Justice Willink / Intercom)
Steven Wickham (Harry Karter)

Director: John Ainsworth

Duration: 66 minutes

Commercial Fluff: Judge Dredd is heading for Brit-Cit on a revenge trip, after crime boss Harry Karter sent the assassin Erebus to murder Mega-City One's toughest lawman. A precog said Dredd would cause problems for Karter in the future - now Dredd wants to make that prophecy come true!

Judge Amy Steel also has a score to settle with Karter. She believes he is responsible for the murder of her father thirteen years ago - but she could never prove it. Soon after Karter married Steel's mother. Amy joined the Judges to escape her step-father and later transferred to Mega-City One. Now the young judge is returning home to confront her step-father. Steel wants to find proof that Karter killed her real father and she will stop at nothing to get the evidence.

Chronological Timeline: This story takes place in October 2124.


This audio drama follows on from Judge Dredd: The Big Shot! And focuses on Judge Steel.

Here is a quick recap of The Big Shot! episode. Whilst Judge Dredd protected a celebrity from Brit Cit, an assassin was sent after them. The Judges initially think it was the celebrity the assassin was after, when in fact it was Judge Dredd. With the help of the newly full eagle Judge Steel, the assassin is thwarted and the trail leads to the renown Brit-cit Crime Boss Harry Karter.

At the start of this drama, it is discovered that Karter will become a future problem for MC-1 so Judge Dredd is sent on an exchange to Brit-cit to covertly (ha) investigate Karter with the help of my favourite grumpy character Armitage! At the same time it is revelled that Judge Steel is in fact the step daughter of Karter and possibly thirteen years ago Karter killed Steel's father.

This audio drama is more focused on Steel and though a great follow up and conclusion to her arc, I would have loved more Armitage and more Brit-Cit in general. This tale is great though and even has a few twists and turns to it that will leave you thrilled to have listen. As always the Big Finish production on these is fault less and I hope to find more on ebay soon to listen too.

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