Beer Review 84 // Robohop New England Imperial IPA

Welcome back for a cheeky brew review. This is an interesting brew as it is a recipe alteration, normally Robohop is a traditional West Coast IIPA but for this one they edited to make it into a North East Style IIPA. So let's skip all this talking and get onto the interesting stuff!


Name: Robohop

Style: Imperial New England IPA

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewery

Country: Canada, Ontario. Toronto.

ABV: 8.5%

Commercial Fluff: RoboHop Imperial IPA, this one New England style... is not a beer to trifle with. Tropical fruits abound from the glass, which consist of passion fruit, guava, lemon with notes of white grape and evergreen mingling together. The full-bodied 8.5% Imperial IPA is very gentle on the palate, making it one sneaky bugger. Many of the aromas come through in the taste, resulting in a very pleasant juicy finish that’s slightly dry.

Own Opinion

Label: It's a pretty fun label with the Robohop character dominating the image. Very cartoonish and very in style for this brewery.

Pour: A slight cloudy, dull orange coloured pour. Off white head that dissipated quickly.

Aroma: Bold pine and a tropical fruit hit. Smells nice.

Taste: Tropical fruits and citrus lead the way. Surprisingly sweet with a caramel note in the back end. Seems a little sticky sweet the more you drink. Pleasant enough.

Would I buy it again: Truthfully nope. For my personal taste this is a bit to sticky sweet for me, I prefer my North Easts in the 3%-6% mark. I guess the maltier backbone just adds that extra sugar that I am not a fan off in this style. I am glad I had it but I feel some time needs to pass before the next one.

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