Miniature Monday // 1987 GW Talisman Pirate

Something a little bit different this week as I delve into the past. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 1987 Talisman Dungeon Pirate via ebay. Now don't worry I am not about to start collecting Talisman, I wanted this model to represent a kookie undercover "Wally" Judge. I can see him hanging out at the bars and slums of sector 102 gaining info on the local gangs.

For the paint scheme I went classic pirate, with a neat little red jacket and enough blue and white strips to last till 2021. I have to admit this was a lot of fun to paint, not sure how I will get him into my games but it is definitely getting a pride of place spot on the display shelf.

Name: Judge Jennings
Department: Wally Squad
Sector House: Sector 102
Alias: Bersheba
Known hideout: Angles Shuggy hall

Notes: Serving as a member of Wally Squad now for five years, Judge Jennings was stationed at Sector 102 to aid Judges with an influx of harbour-side gangs.
Playing the role of a Pirate called Bersheba, Judge Jennings soon discovered people liked to talk to him and share synth-rum. Now one of the main informant gathers in the sector Judge Jennings role has become a permanent role.

As always let me know your thoughts and drop me a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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