Meg 211 // 2000 AD Megazine 211

Pretty happy with the pace of my comic reading and blogging so far into 2020. This time we get back into the Megazine at issue 211. This issue differs from the others as it has two different covers! The first is a creepy greenish blue and red cover, showing Judge Death torturing two people, whilst the other is seemingly a copy of a famous Joker cover and has Judge Death with a camera snapping pictures.

This time we have the following stories Judge Dredd - Sturm und Dang (Part 1), Judge Death - The Wilderness Days (Part 3), Devlin Waugh - Red Tide (Part 10), Xtnct (Part 3), The Bendatti Vendetta - Blooded (Part 3), then all new Charley's War and Harry 20.  I have a good feeling about this issue and it's not because there is no Darkie's Mob.

Judge Dredd - Sturm und Dang (Part 1): Following the destruction of Hope Rising, Judge Dredd heads out into the Cursed Earth as part of a hotdog run, to discover the threat. But if he is to successfully lead the run he will need a guide - here enters Koburn, a disgraced Judge who Dredd believes should have been sent to Titan.
With the guide in place the group head off to hunt down the Mutie army. 10 Judges versus 100 muties I like the sound of those odds. Got to say the artwork is just stunning Carlos Ezquerra is just so perfect in visually describing the world of Dredd.

Judge Death - The Wilderness Days (Part 3): Judge Death is still wandering the Cursed Earth on his one ghoul mission to rid the earth of all human life. With his ride broken, Death is seeking a new way to cross the Cursed Earth, lucky for him he meets two crazies on a drug fuelled killing spree. A fun little tale showing of Death's more fun loving side. Once again the artwork is dark and moody and full of silly quotes.

Charley's War: As might already be known I am not the biggest fan of World War comics, so I won't go too far down this rabbit hole. All I will say is that it is more interesting than Darkie's Mob and Charley is a likeable if stupid character. I won't say I'm super into it, but I am interested to read the next instalments.

Harry Twenty on High Rock: Nope. Just can't do it. I want to enjoy this, it's like classic 80's scifi but I just can't get into it. I'm sorry and disappointed in myself, maybe I will look back and enjoy it in the future.

Devlin Waugh - Red Tide (Part 10): For me the highlight of this tale is the artwork still. The chase and running story arc has been over done in this tale. I'm ready for some real action! Another highlight has to be the weird ass Mudskipper Vampires. It's so quirky and so Waugh. But I seriously hope they move the story on soon.

Xtnct (Part 3): This tale is rapidly losing me. I just don't see where it is going anymore. Even the way the characters talk is starting to anger me. Come on Megazine, let's have a real story beyond the Dreddverses!!

Apocalypse Soon: The horsemen are now on their way to start the Apocalypse, but first they have to drop a ton of horse shit on Tony Blair! Love it, the one pager is out classing the other tales at the moment.

The Bendatti Vendetta - Blooded (Part 3): This tale is at least moving along nicely. Frank has now come face to face with the man he has been chasing. We are also finally treated to the back story of the main character and how his wife and child died in a car crash. Having now enter the Bendatti officially I am excited to see where we go!

With this tale we end the issue. Got to be harsh and say this issue was a miss. With less than half the tales being a hit, I fear we are hitting a bit of low point for the magazine but hopefully it will pick up again.

Let me know your thoughts. Are you a 2000 AD fan?

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