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Welcome back to a way over due Megazine review. The last being in November 2017 with issue 207. Could give you some bullshit excuse as to why it's been so long, but like everything life gets in the way and projects forgotten. So let us dust off the old project and breath some life back in the old dream of reading Megazines. Let's dive in.

Megazine 208. The cover shows the loveable Bato Loco with some chain cutters and what seems to be Judge Dredd's badge. I wrote a review a while back of this rogue and it will be fun to reread his story again. So the main features to this issue is. Judge Dredd - Shakedown Part 2, Bato Loco - True Romance, Black Siddha - Bad Karma Part 7, Repo Mex - The Worst Job in the Galaxy and Devlin Waugh - Red Tide Part 7. Then alongside this we have some mini tales and articles so let's get going.

Story: Judge Dredd - Shakedown Part 2: Final part of the tale I started reading in 2017! Judge Dredd and a team of Judges are raiding Paradise Heights, conducting room to room searches and arresting all criminals found in the block. To make matters worst Homer Blint and his Wife Oola Blint are also there carrying out Grud's will and euthanizing citizens right under Dredd's nose.

Highlight: Got a few. Up first the pro-democracy group destroying the stairwell and making a real amazing last stand against the judges and of course the Blint's amazingly escaping under Dredd's very nose before escaping on a plane to OZ. Love this pair.

Story: Bato Loco - True Romance: A one hit tale, which I've reviewed before. Bato has really done it this time. Needing to find some money for an engagement ring he resorts to dealing with off world aliens to get cash, but soon like most of his plans it back fires in a mass way.

Highlight: Bato Loco being saved by his future wife who happens to be a hired killer. Can only see this going bad for Bato in the future. Not my favourite tale, but at least it is a one shot and done.

Story: Apocalypse Soon?: The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are searching for their missing steeds, who have wondered off into desert and found some random sex cult.
Highlight: God smiting the Horsemen for their failings. Not really sure were this tale is going?

Then we enter the Gold section of the comic where the megazine goes back in time.

Story: The Other Slab Tynan: Someone is killing Judges but using the same style of killing as a perp located in a suspended animation cell. How can a perp possibly be in two places at once?
Highlight: A time travelling adventure for Dredd that can only end up in comical ending.

Story: The Greatest Story Ever Told: A year on since Fergee assisted Judge Dredd in bringing the reign of Chief Judge Cal to an end, a cult has arisen around the hero. But during a routine operation the Fergee statues have suddenly sprung into life and are rampaging around MC-1, but who is controlling them?
Highlight: The Cult of Fergee - Such a weird cult as they dress, look and smell like the hero of the big smelly. Was fun to revisit this hero of old.

Story: The Big Itch: A superflea is infesting MC-1 and nothing can stop it! Can Dredd and the tech Judges Discover a cure or will the whole city be brought to it's knee by the mini villain?
Highlight: Miracle Food Munce holds the cure. So repulsive to all forms of life apart from humans who eat. The citizens wear munce on their bodies to drive the fleas away and upon discovering their origin point the Judges nuke the sector destroying all traces of the flea.

We then get a few strips of Darkie's Mob, which I'm going to just skip as I am not a fan of this strip. With the end of Darkie's Mob we get a few pages of content about Bad Company and come to an end of the Gold section.

Story: Black Siddha - Bad Karma Part 7: Rohan Bhandara is still attempting to avoid his fate of becoming the Black Siddha, but it seems truly impossible as the Karma Lords seem intent on causing misery. Unless Rohan agrees to be the Black Siddha and takes the fight to his best friend Rak Shasa.
Highlight: The Gods telling Rohan he can't hide from them. Even on the toilet they can get to him and cause a methane explosion!

Then there is a five page spread on the amazing Big Finish Production audio adventures set in the 2000 AD worlds. Which I am happening to review on here! A great piece and fun read to see into the studio and the mind set of the actors including Simon Pegg who plays Johnny Alpha.

Story: Repo Mex - The Worst Job in the Galaxy: A scifi caper set at the Stargateway Hotel, located next to a wormhole. The story follows the ill fated adventures of the robot bell hop and how he is about to experience more than he could ever imagine.
Highlight: The end. Not a fan of the tale. Luckily it seems to be one shot plot, I do wonder if it made a come back. I guess time and reading the megazines will reveal it's fate.

Story: Devlin Waugh - Red Tide Part 7: Devlin and his team of survivors are still on the run through the holiday park being hunted by a pack of Vampires. The group are hoping to make it to a UV safe zone, but find themselves soon outrun by the chasing vampires. Now it's time to fight!
Highlight: The main man Devlin Waugh with the final frame of the tale getting a full page image to himself. He is turning to face the vampires and is wielding a samurai sword. Goes into a monologue about be the celebrated Occult Adventurer and how the vampires are now fucked! Great way to end this part.

It is also a great way to end issue. This was pretty solid issue with only a few duds like Darkie's Mob and Repo-Mex acting as blips. It does seem the next issue has four new tales with strong hints of Judge Death being in one of them!

You best come back soon and I promise not to leave a year gap between the reviews. As always drop me comment and follow, it's a small act of kindness that would mean the world to me.  

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