Beer Review 80 // Flat White by Alphabet Brewing Co.

Excited for this brew as it was specially brought back for me from England. I am a pretty big fan of Flat Whites so this brew has a lot to live up to.


Name: Flat White

Style: White Breakfast Stout

Brewery: Alphabet Brewing Co.

Country: England

ABV: 7.4%

Artwork: Unknown

Commercial Fluff: Cold brew coffee, milk sugar and a huge amount of oats almost makes this beer a justifiable alternative to breakfast. You Won’t Believe It’s Not A Dark Beer!

Own Opinion

Label: Nothing too crazy, looks like they are trying to achieve a coffee shop vibe.

Pour: Dark orange pour, with a lively and healthy looking white cap. Head dies away to nothing surprising quick.

Aroma: Impressive hit of the coffee and a subdued vanilla aroma.

Taste: Unsurprisingly coffee up front and centre. With a sweetness I assume comes from the lactose. Not as creamy as I was hoping for with the mention of lactose and oats in the making of the beer. Very carbonated as well giving it a lightness on the tongue. Finish was not bitter at all which surprised me.

Would I buy it again: For my first time from this brewery I have to say I'm impressed. Just wish I could experience more from them over here in Canada.

Have you tried it? Drop me a comment!

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