Beer Review 78 // El Camino by Lowertown Brewery

New year, new beers. This year I am attempting two things when it comes to beer blogging:

1- Get more of my older posts up and clear my back log.
2- Try out breweries I haven't visited in a while and give them a second chance.

With this in mind I am revisiting Lowertown from Ottawa. The last time I tried a brew from them is from about three or four years ago. I am not going to lie the last time I tried their beers I did not enjoy it, hence the long space between trying beers. Here are the details:


Name: El Camino

Style: Lager

Brewery: Lowertown Brewery

Country: Ottawa, Canada.

ABV: 4.5%

Artwork: Unknown

Commercial Fluff: The El Camino Cerveza takes Bavarian brewing tradition of Caribbean/Mexican Lagers we know today to make a full-flavoured lager at the Lowertown Brewery in Ottawa.

Crisp, smooth, pleasant, and refreshing. This lager is best enjoyed on the patio with some sun and maybe even with a lime on the side.

Pairs well with chicken, tortilla-based dishes, light vinaigrettes, and grilled pub fare.
Own Opinion

Own Opinion

Label: Not the most exciting of artworks. Basically a drawing of the car and the title done in cinema style writing. Got to be honest and say it is a very basic label, seriously doubt it would standout on a shelf.

Pour: Light golden colour, with a healthy white cap on it. Looks clean and clear and is a nice looking beer in a glass.

Aroma: Oh no. Smells like corn. Seriously over the top corn smell coming from this. Not sure I can even drink this.

Taste: Sweet, biscuit malt taste and corn. What a weird combo, it is leaving a stickiness in my mouth which is unpleasant. Send water asap!

Would I buy it again: Nope! No. This ended it's days as a drain pour. I just couldn't get behind the taste. It was way too sweet. I drank like they were attempting a Corona style beer, but failed really bad. Normally I try to find a positive but this time I seriously can't.

As always leave me a comment of thoughts. Especially if you have drank this one. 

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