Unboxing 01 // Lost Patrol by Games Workshop

Welcome to the start of something new. Un-boxing blog posts. Yes I know not that original when it comes to blogs, but what will be special is that these are exclusives, in fact these are games that have been around for ages. But if you are like me and money is tight, you are possibly looking at the second hand market and it is nice to know what you are getting into before handing over cash. With that in mind I will attempt to go over sets I currently have or enjoy and let you know my thoughts on them. Good or Bad!

Up first for this new section is Lost Patrol by Games Workshop (2nd edition of the game). I hope you enjoy and if you do please hit the follow button. It only takes two seconds to do but I love it!

Lost Patrol

Commercial Details: Lost Patrol is the second publication in a series of mini-games by Games Workshop. In this two-player game you choose either Space Marine Scouts or Genestealers.

The board is created with hexagon tiles as the scouts travel through the dense jungle. The scouts' mission is to reach the downed dropship before the Genestealers eliminate them. As the scout team explores further, the jungle divides into many sections, and some of your teammates might even get lost (never to be found again).

Published: 2000
Game Developer: Jake Thornton
Artists: David Gallagher, Neil Hodgson, Nuala Kennedy, Stef Kopinski, Markus Trenkner.
Publisher: Games Workshop
Players: 1-6 (Works best as a 2 player)
Time: 20-30 minutes
What you get:

12 Genestealers
6 Nests
3 Rippers (not used in game)
3 Scouts - basic set up scouts either bolter, bolt pistol and sword or Shotgun.
1 Heavy - Heavy Bolter only
1 Sergeant - Bolt pistol and Chainsword
30 Jungle Tiles
3 Green Dice


Wow this game can play quick! We have run through it five times recently and the Scouts have died every time. It is a pretty straight forward game of tactical choices and a bit of a choose your own adventure. The game is definitely harder as the Scouts, as you have to split forces and make tough decision, whilst the jungle works against you. In the early games we thought divide and conquer would win it, but ultimately it just lead to gory deaths and the 'stealers running rampant.

With this we then attempted the grouping tactics, in order to gain combat bonuses and cover one another. But all this did was make the pace slower, ultimately making you think you are making progress, but really you watch your Marines die just as quick and you realise this is not going to end well...

Highlights for me is the theme, scouting a jungle being killed by alien hunters, you really can't get a better theme. You can't help but envision Predator or some other creepy Jungle horror film. The fact that the tiles are completely random each time is also a great feature and adds to the play ability.

Lowlights sadly is the game mechanics. The scouts are at a full on disadvantage, I honestly can't image them winning. I'm not sure if it is due the high die rolls to kill or if their just isn't enough scouts? We found they could just get overwhelmed too quickly. I am thinking you using their actual 40k stats and trying out a game like that.

Final Thoughts

Worth the money for sure and is a fun pick up and go game, able to play a couple times and put away game. I am looking forward to painting them up (currently the scouts are becoming Astral Claws) and playing it properly with the painted figures. Let me know your thoughts below. Do you own it? Have you played it? How did you paint the figures? As always drop comments below and thanks for reading.

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