Miniature Monday // Warlord Games Judge Dredd - Street Judge Day

A new project I am very excited for. My favourite comic 2000AD has teamed up with Warlord Games to produce some new tabletop games. I've already written about Strontium Dogs last week, so this time I will do Judge Dredd. This post won't be an unboxing but instead a quick look at the first model I wanted to paint the street Judge. This street judge will ultimately become my gaming persona aka Judge Day. Using this model I will create a multiple set of rules to represent this character across the new Judge Dredd game, the older Warlord/Mongoose game and then finally the GW RPG. I feel it will be a fun post once I get to it. But now to the painting.

This will be a sort post as I will try and use this as a step by step process. First step is base coat.

This first step is not the most exciting but rather important. I took the strange grey, resin plastic and stuck it to the base. I will be honest to say I wasn't sure if I should cut off the base or not (leave a comment below), this time I kept it on but I'm really not sure on it. Then I base coated in grey and sanded the base for now. Once the grey was dry I used a GW contrast Black Templar paint and applied over the whole model. You can see the result and it has now given me a great base to work off. Step two which I hope to post next week will be me blocking the non black areas in white before moving on the yellow sections ie. Shoulder pads, chain, badge and the belt buckle.

Is anyone who reads this playing the game or planning to pick this up? I would love to hear from you.

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