Book Review 65 // The Quartz Zone Massacre by Rebecca Levene

Delving back into the futuristic war zone of Nu-Earth and heading back to the front lines with Rogue and his bio-chips. If you are interested in reading more of my reviews please follow this link.

Book Details

Title: The Quartz Zone Mazzacre
Author: Rebecca Levene
Publisher: Rebellion Publishing Limited
Type: E-Book
Page Count: 256

Commercial Fluff: Rogue Trooper: genetic infantryman; sole-surviving member of his unit, cut off and hunted remorselessly by enemy forces. Rogue is hot on the trail of the Traitor General who sold out him and his buddies, three of who accompany him as sentient life-chips stored in his high-tech weaponry. Novelization of the sci computer game title.


First up you need to realise this is not the comic version of the story. Though the tale takes a huge amount of inspiration from the comics, it does go off on it's own course and I would describe it as an alt version of the tale. What it does for the reader is help fill out the main character of Rogue and gives you a valid reason for the whole revenge script. Rogue actually comes across as a more like-able character, as we get to experience some real human traits from him, like fear of failure and comradeship with his bio-chip. But what really impressed me by far was Levene's brilliant ability to describe battle scenes and makes the Nu-World landscape come to life.

I feel no book can be perfect, so where does this book fall flat? It's too short and rushed. I would have loved some of the characters to have been longer and truly feel this could have been a trilogy.

For a computer game tie in this is a solid read and worth the low cover price.

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