Beer Review 73 // Sweet Spot by Left Field

Starting to love Wednesdays. It is just a great excuse to enjoy a brew and then attempt to describe how great or bad it is to you guys. I hope you are all enjoying as well? So as I explored my local LCBO I discovered Left Field had a triple xmas pack going so it seemed rude not to partake. The first can out of the box was Sweet Spot.


Name: Sweet Spot

Style: Milk/Sweet Stout

Brewery: Left Field

Country: Canada

ABV: 6.2%

Artwork: Unknown

Commercial Fluff: The beer formerly known and loved as Sweet Jesus.
To create this tasty mocha-inspired treat, we developed a sweet stout recipe and added lactose, marshmallows, roasted, crushed cocoa nibs and coffee beans during conditioning. The result is a rich and decadent blend of chocolate, caramel and vanilla topped off with a toasty, sweet and creamy marshmallow.

Own Opinion

Label: Pretty standard for this brewery. Not the most stand out design or colour palette.

Pour: Beautiful dark brown almost pitch black pour, with brown cap of foam that just forms wonderfully on top.

Aroma: To be honest I'm getting a big hit of sweetness. It's kind of like when you open a bag of sweets and all the sugary aromas pound out at once. Though once the beer warms up a mocha, coffee hint does start to arrive on scene.

Taste: Sweet and a little thin. Not what I was expecting. Pretty easy drinking if you have a sweet tooth with the coffee adding a tiny bit of bitterness. Surprisingly easy to drink for a 6.2%

Would I buy it again: On the fence leaning more towards no. Though it is a pleasant brew and nice easy drinker, it just didn't deliver to the tasting notes. I feel others do it better (looking at you Evil Twin or Omnipollo), which is were I feel I would send my money if I was looking for another brew like this.

Have you tried this beer? What are your thoughts. Let me know below and let's get a conversation going!

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