Beer Review 72 // London Fog by Beaus

Welcome to this weeks beer, as is quite common with my reviews I found this one in the LCBO. I believe it was a late summer, early autumn beer release. This means the chances are high it is now gone from the shelves. So let us dive in and look at this weeks brew.


Name: David's Tea London Fog

Style: Spiced beer or Tea Infused.

Brewery: Beau's All Natural in collaboration with David's Tea.

Country: Canada

ABV: 5.4%

Artwork: They have a very talented in house team.

Commercial Fluff: London Fog is brewed with an infusion of DAVIDsTEA Organic Cream of Earl Grey tea blend. We’ve added rich vanilla and organic lactose (milk sugar) to create the creamy, comforting experience of an earl grey latte… in a beer! Go ahead and treat yourself to a mug of this full flavoured, decadent golden ale.

Own Opinion

Label: Very Beaus looking, showcasing a street scene. I am surprised they didn't play up to the whole London Fog name tag. A lot of silver on the can as well which does help it to stand out on a shelf.

Pour: An orange tinted pour with a bright white cap. Not as murky or cloudy as I would expect for a lactose brew.

Aroma: Slight hint of earl grey herbiness. To be honest smells like lug tread their lager.

Taste: Slight milky earl grey taste. It is not screaming London fog, more sweet lager.

Would I buy it again: No. I think it tastes like lug tread but with sugar and vanilla. It isn't really a combo I enjoy and can quite happily not have another. Was interesting to try out but a miss for me.

Have you tried this brew? Let me know in the comments below. Cheers for reading.

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