Personal Musings 01: Blogging

Welcome to an a new section on the blog. The sole purpose for this is just for me to write about anything and get some thoughts out there. It might be about me, my family, my life or it could be hobby related or just a funny picture.

Today's opening piece is going to be about blogging. I started blogging about 10 years ago and had a pretty successful blog known as The Fallen Princes. It followed my Eldar force (which happened to be Alaitoc) and my Badab Project, a group blogging event involving over 100 blogs and the space marine forces being built around it (I threw my lot in with the Tyrant!). It became a second job and one that no longer brought pleasure. Then the breaking point happened and the blog died and so did my blogging days.

Jump forward to July 2017 and Beers with Peps opened for business. The goal was to record the different beers I was enjoying and also do the odd hobby post, but even that hasn't gone to plan. At first I had believed the blog was going to be 90% beer to 10% hobby. Now I would say the blog is 40% books, 40% comics, 10% Wargaming and 10% beer. I have to be honest and say I am not disappointed about this in the slightness. I am actually so impressed with how my reading has improved and I can only thank this blog for that. I would love to have a solid core of followers like the old days, I would also love to have people commenting on posts. But I understand the days of the traditional blog are gone and I am most likely chatting away to myself, but I will continue to produce a blog that brings me joy and see where life will take it.

I make no promises that there will always be posts, but when there is one expect them to appear on the following schedule:

Monday: Miniatures - #miniaturemonday #miniswithpeps
Tuesday: comics - #comicswithpeps
Wednesday: Beer - #beerswithpeps
Thursday: personal
Friday: books/Audio Drama - #bookswithpeps
Sat/Sun: Days off/Random

I look forward to this new blogging lifestyle and I hope you will stick around for the ride. To get the ball rolling I want to offer out a follow for a follow. Please hit follow over on the left or sign up for the email following and then leave a comment blow, I will then seek out your blog and follow back. If I really like what I see I will add it to my Blogroll section.

Thank you for reading and I hope we can reignite this corner of the blogging sphere.


  1. Blogging is a constant evolution. I don't think any of us ended up where we started; I know I haven't. Write what you know, what you enjoy, and the readers will come.

    Also, I'm a big fan of not having a schedule. I find trying to schedule things out only serves to put pressure on you to create that content and it can become forced and tiresome. However, if it works for you, then more power to you!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I fully agree on the writing about what you enjoy and the readers will come. I think maybe that is what has surprised me the most about this year, what I thought would be a beer blog has actually evolved into a book blog and I am so happy to see that happen.

      As far the scheduling goes this isn't a must have something every week. It more like a "hey I have a beer post, let's schedule it to post on Wednesday". I find it more structured for me to think that way. If I have the urge and for some reason do 5 miniature posts in a day, I now know I have 5 posts ready to go and the possibility of not having to do anymore for five weeks. This takes the pressure out of it for me, but allows me to stay slightly more consistent.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Out of interest do you follow or subscribe or was it through a link you found me. I'm very keen to find out.

  2. Gotcha. I totally agree about scheduling out when you can.

    I've got you on my blogroll at

    1. Of course! Sorry didn't connect the name to begin with.


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