Personal Musing 03 // Reno on the house

Welcome back everyone. I hope you enjoy these personal musings, allowing you a quick look into what I am up to and what I am thinking about. Today's post is about the last few months of renovations on the house. It's not really hobby related but I wanted to clear some space on the hard drive, so this will be more of a photo dump.

Basically with the family expanding we decided it was time to revamp the house. Up until now the house was divided basically into two. One apartment on the ground floor and then a multi roomed apartment upstairs. With the arrival of the newest member to the family it was decided to switch apartments. Now the upstairs hadn't been updated in a long while so the project turned out being bigger than planned. Here was the to do list:

Electronics - rewiring
Bathroom - Rip out/redo
Kitchen - Demo/Rip out/redo/flooring
Bedrooms - Paint/flooring
Hallways - Paint/flooring
Dining Room - Paint/flooring
Living Room - Paint/flooring
Children's Playroom - Window and flooring
Studio/Office - Paint/flooring

As you can see the it is mostly painting, but the rewiring, kitchen and bathroom were big issues. Anyways I took some photo's and will dump them here for future reference. If you want to comment feel free to drop them below.

Original Living Room
Alt Angle Living Room
Living Room
Weird box room of doors.
Old Bathroom
Old vanity unit
Kitchen Island

Stairs to Bedrooms
Master Bedroom
Kids room
Giant Wardrobe

Kitchen Island gone
Old Kitchen Units gone

Washroom Old tiles wall gone.
Master Bedroom new paint scheme

Vanity gone
Fixing some bad old plumbing

Love some of the moldings on the ceiling
New Marble and kitchen units
Loving the clean, light colours and the new lighting
New Tiles going in
New Range Hood and the tiling
Kitchen is coming together nicely

New sofa and pictures going up finally.

As I write this the kitchen appliances are getting delivered this weekend and the studio/office/gaming room is still being built. I plan to continue adding to this page as I take photos and finish areas. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak into my home and if you have questions reach out below. 

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