Personal Musing 02:

Welcome to the newest section on the blog my Personal Musing. The first post went up last week, is about blogging, life and getting myself organized. This week is about something I hope to start working on and asking the community for help.

I wish to start producing Youtube videos, mainly show casing purchases (ie.unboxing), show off what I may have painted that week or just rant about something. I don't overly care about the youtube or growing the channel there, I am more looking to be able to start having videos on here as part of the blog. This is were you the community come in. What do I need?

Here is what I think I need:

Camera - First up I have a Google Pixel 2, which seems pretty good at videos but I would need a hand stabilizer to improve the quality.

I am also looking at the Logitech C920S Pro HD Webcam, does anyone have experience with this piece of kit?

Stablizers - I hate wobbly video as I am sure you all do. Any suggestions on this would be great, I don't have a huge budget as it stands but I am willing to build up my equipment over time so don't want to rush into cheap equipment that would have to be replaced later in the year.

Lighting - My workspace seems to have a good amount of natural light and I have some great day light blub lamps as well so I don't currently see this as an issue. But if there is something you recommend I am all ears.

Sound - Microphones, this seem important and needed as I want to have people hear me. I have a head set microphone that would work for now, but like the other sections, I want to improve and upgrade so please leave suggestions in the comments.

Space - This I am good for, I have a gaming room already and nice clean desk area to film in so I don't for see this being an issue.

Programs - Is youtube the right answer? Should I just get a video editing suite and post solely to the blog? Is there any video editing software you recommend - please note I don't use apple, I am google kid at heart.

I really hope this post reaches someone who can help. I need a video mentor I feel to get me going. As always please leave me a comment below and subscribe to the blog. Thank you for reading.

PS. I open to any and all help have old equipment you no longer use? Let's chat and see if you want to trade it out?

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