Craftworld Iyanden 21 // Shrine of the Forsaken Obelisk

Hotly following on from lasts weeks post about Dark Reapers; I bring you the first of hopefully many Iyanden based Dark Reaper Shrines. First up this Shrine is a home brewed one, reason being I painted these pre-checking out, fluff and colour schemes. I had always seen the classic black, bone, red scheme but I wanted something new. I knew it had to honor the death theme, but I wanted them to be brighter in colour. With this in mind I went with a more brown or bone colour with pops of red and of course yellow to represent the Iyanden background.

Like all Shrines on a Craftworld, The Shrine of the Forsaken Obelisk stands alone. Those seeking the Shrine are greeted by dark foreboding shadows that reach out to the Aeldari spirit, as if they fear the living. Once inside the Shrine the mood does not lift. In what seems to be a wind swept landscape, stands a Obelisk of pure black stone, seemingly out of alignment with the rest of the world ship. Built into the base of this weird stone is the Shrine of the Forsaken Obelisk. Here the aspirants to Khaine hold a silent vigil awaiting the call for war. When aboard from the Shrine, the warriors are met with contempt as the normal aeldari avoid them and their morbid ways as best a possible.

During war the Shrine of The Forsaken Obelisk, are renown for using overwhelming fire power to devastate their victims. Unlike a lot of the other Dark Reaper Shrines, the Exarch of the Forsaken Obelisk do not use the specialist weapons of their position, instead they choose to use the weapon of the aspect warriors. To become shining examples of what the Aspect can truly be if they allow Khaine to consume them.

As you can see they aren't 100% finished yet. I'm looking to do one more highlight and base these. But I am happy to call these tabletop ready and start looking forward to my project.

I'm intrigued to how others paint their Dark Reapers. So if you are blogger and an Aeldari collector drop me a comment with a link so I can check them out.

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