Comic Review 63 // Judge Dredd: Volume One IDW

The Dredd train is still rolling! I am slowing building up speed and excitement for the soon to be released Warlord Games Judge Dredd Miniature game (hopefully will have a copy by mid to late November). What this has caused in the complete need to read everything Dredd. So I am bravely dipping my toes back into the IDW License. I will be honest and say what few I have read haven't been great so far, but I am always willing to be proven wrong. With this in mind let us head into Judge Dredd Volume One IDW.

Let's start with IDW the company, as it has to be discussed, they don't work like classic 2000 AD their sole purpose is make Dredd enjoyable for a US market. This means a more DC/Marvel looking strip and less jabs at American culture. It also seems like Dredd acts a little bit different to the norm. This has the effect of either love it or hate it, it really does seem to split the groups I am a member off. For me so far I have found them to be a miss unless they are working with a classic tale in which case all they do is colour it and change the comic size.

Plus side to this volume for me is that it seems to all be written by the same person Duane Swierczynski. This means one of two things - 1) If I like the opening tale the chances are high I will enjoy the entire volume, 2) If it starts weak I fear it will not grow on me at all. That my intro complete I will continue to write the review once I complete the volume....

.... Okay this was fun. It's definitely different to the Dredd I'm use to but the stories are just off the wall and have that JD crazy edge to them. Up first MC-1 looks good, this has to be pre-wars, pre-Cal and pre-chaos day. The city almost seems to clean and there are plenty of Judges on the scene. The opening story hints at a growing droid rebellion that is starting to grow in power and causing trouble throughout MC-1. I loved the high up level of a block having a specially crafted tree that can grow fresh fruit every 5 minutes, but I loved it more when the tree malfunctions and the fruit starts exploding causing absolute chaos :)

Most of the stories straight forward and lead into the next, which is the bonus of just one writer working on the story, the main plot seems to follow the Droids and a weird Clone story. The clone story is weird, a gang of doctors are cloning people and then threatening to torture and kill the clones unless the original citizen pays a ransom. This is a real mind bending idea. Do you not care? Do you care? What if you save them? Then what happens? Who is the original? I seriously don't know what I would do. This story also involves a twist as it seems a Judge was cloned as well, a Judge Tarjay. The tale in this volume ends with Tarjay being framed and escaping into the city to be continued for sure.

Highlights - The world, I know Duane didn't create it but he does well at bringing it to life. There is no real intro, you are just dropped into the middle and get on with it. The stories all link nicely without any real issues. It just a well written story arc.

Lowlights - Needs the 2000 AD humor, not sure if it will turn up in the later volumes, or if it was a choice made by IDW. I know our British humor doesn't always translate well in the states but I fill this is going to be a straight edge Dredd for sure.

I actually enjoyed this. I am interested to see where it goes. So I now have Volume two on the reading list so check back soon for that. Have you read this? Let me know in the comments. Cheers.

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