Book Review 60 // Wild Rider by Gav Thorpe

Swiftly following the Ghost Warrior review I started reading Wild Rider (Rise of the Ynnari #2). I have high hopes for this tale as Ghost Warrior was a really good kick off to the series. I personally love Gav Thorpe's story telling especially when it comes to Elves and Aeldari. I'm also excited to be jumping from Iyanden to Saim-Hann Craftworld. The only Saim-Hann themed stories I have experienced is from the codex, so this will be an eye opener.

Book Details

Title: Wild Rider (Rise of Ynnari #2)
Author: Gav Thorpe
Publisher: Black Library
Type: Paperback
Page Count: 277

Commercial Fluff: The Wild Riders of Saim Hann craftworld are renowned for their skill and daring, none more so than their headstrong Wild Lord, Nuadhu Fireheart. Having been approached by a representative of Yvraine, emissary of the Whispering God, Ynnead, Nuadhu has unwittingly awoken a slumbering threat – a tomb world of the aeons-old necrontyr. Now, Clan Fireheart must seek alliance with the Ynnari in order to combat the threat to their craftworld, and preserve their honour and the future of the family. The two forces return to Agarimethea to destroy the necrontyr before their strength becomes unassailable. But for what other purpose does Yvraine accompany Nuadhu and his kin, and what exactly is her interest in Naiall Fireheart, the ailing chieftain of the clan?


I enjoyed this tale quite a lot. It is very fast paced which kept my head in the story and Saim-Hann is such a strange realm for me as I am so use to the creepy and death somber halls of Iyanden. As with the first novel the characters are very interesting and offer a true view of Aeldari culture during this time of strife. It also does a good job at showing how the Aeldari are completed splinted over everything that is going on - you still have the corsairs hiding away, the blood thirsty Drukari attempting to hold onto their empire, the Exodites attempting to stay isolated, the Craftworlder's aloof and just clinging to the path and the Ynnari attempting to rally all to their banner (even tho it would mean ultimate destruction). Gav does a great job at representing this and showcasing the politics.

The main character in my opinion is Nuadhu with the Ynnari actually playing second fiddle to him. We discover he has aided the Ynnari and in doing so has woken a Tomb World. Fleeing the awaken warriors, Nuadhu then has to rally the warriors of Saim-Hann to work with the Ynnari in an attempt to destroy this tomb world. What should be easy and straight forward turns into political maneuvering by the clans and soon the Fireheart Clan seem to be left out in the cold.

Soon battle is joined and the stories speed up. There are some interesting ideas behind the Necron World and I really enjoyed this twists. But of course it can't all be good, I found some characters are easily thrown away and I felt we didn't get the full experience of the Ynnari characters. But overall this is a solid read, especially if you are Saim-Hann fan.

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