Beer Review 69 // This One by Stray Dog Brewing

It's been a while which is truly my bad, but I am trying my hardest to get back on track and start actually having a blog that does something. The main hardship I am now facing is to get through the huge amount of back logged reviews I have and to start clearing out space on my tablet. With this in mind I crack out a great local breweries brew and welcome in the new era of Beers with Peps.


Name: This One
Style: California Common
Brewery: Stray Dog Brewing
Country: Canada, Orleans, Ottawa.
Price: $3.20
ABV: 5.2%

Commercial Fluff:
Now available in the LCBO and bronze medal winner at the 2018 and 2019 Ontario Brewing Awards. Our take on a California Common, a unique North American style with a rich history dating back to the Gold Rush era, this beer is based on our award-winning recipe. It has a moderate malt presence, intertwined with balanced notes of toast and caramel, finished with hints of rustic wood on the nose. It has a beautiful copper color that finishes as crisp as an autumn morning. So when your server or bartender asks what you’d like to drink, point at the menu and say, “I’ll have This One.” You’ll be glad you did. 5.2%, 35 IBU

Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a beautiful dark ruddy amber, topped by a crisp white head. Looking good for sure.
Aroma: Malt forward on this and a little bready/toast aroma.
Taste: Caramel sweetness brought into play by the malts used. A very well rounded brew that finishes a little dry for me with some gentle bitterness.
Would I buy it again: Yes. It's a nice malty, toasty brew with a sweetness given to it by the caramel. It is a nicely well rounded brew that makes it easy to drink and I can easily imagine drinking three, four or five of these on a night out or whilst playing a board game.

Have you drank this one? Let me know in the comments your thoughts and be sure to check me out on instagram via @beerswithpeps. Cheers and keep drinking great beer!

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