Comic Review 53 // Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future 06

The cover of issue 06 is full on action with Movie Dredd falling towards the reader. A pretty straightforward cover declaring two new tales, the third token for a free t-shirt and some hints to the cover art story.

We then get a few filler pages of adverts and editorial pieces about how popular the comic is. Then we get the heavy hint of upcoming villians lose in MC-1. Including Weapons Freak, Milo Lune, The Lawmaster and Vic Visconti. The Lawmaster looks and sounds pretty badass and I'm glad to report he is in the very first tale.

The Lawmaster - A nightclub is the scene of a monster shakedown. Just as it seems to be about to bare fruit, a vigilante by the name of The Lawmaster smashes in guns a blazing. Once Judge Dredd is on the scene Lawmaster's time is numbered. But how is the vigilante managing to stay one step ahead of the Justice Department?

Great tale could have easily been a two part episode.

More filler pages of readers photographs, a t-shirt advert and a two page poster. Highlight of these pages is a review of MC-1's funniest craze Batgliding. Which is a great segway into the next tale...

Graveyard Shift - Milo Lune is leading the charge of escaped psychos from the holding cells and is running rampant throughout the local mall. After watching Lune takedown multiple Judges it is up to Dredd to bring him to justice. But how will the Batgliding master criminal play into this?

Then more filler pages of readers letters and drawings. I just wish we could have less of this and more stories or more Movie photographs.

Quake - A new villain is on scene and causing localised earthquakes with the ability to bring down entire City Blocks. Even Judge Dredd is unsure were to start looking. After the second block is announced as a target, the full might of the Justice Department move in to attempt to clear the block. In classic stupid fashion a citizen refuses to leave and Dredd is forced to enter the building in an attempt to rescue the citizen. Unfortunately as Dredd arrives in the apartment the building starts coming down.

We are steady moving through these issues and I am truly enjoy them. The tales themselves are well thought-out, the artwork is great, I just wish they would give themselves move time to tell the tales. Lawmaster could easily have been a two part and I feel quake could have made longer with more build up to the villians role.

I hope you are enjoying this step back in time. Let me know if you are below.

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