Comic Review 52 // Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future 05

We are back from our Wally Squad tour of duty and diving  into the Lawman of Future series. If you haven't been keeping up I have rediscovered the joys of reading the Slystone Dreddverse comics and we are now heading into issue 5.

A bit of an awkward looking Dredd as his lawmaster seems to be in mid jump. According to the cover we have two new stories and Lawmaster mayhem inside. So let's go deep diving. The first few pages are pretty standard, a quick rundown of the stories and some filler news piece. Nothing really that special so I will swiftly move on to the first story.

Lawbreaker Blues We join Dredd as he faces off against Weapons Freak: a perp with a passion for guns. This is fun tale as we view the story through the eyes of Billy Ray a small time pickpocket currently chained to Judge Dredd whilst he faces off against the Weapons Freak. I like the change of pace to this tale and how Billy Ray manages to get a full pardon after Dredd uses his skull to knockout the villain. It's a fun tale and a great opener.

We are then treated to some readers letters and a t-shirt advert. Then we get a pullout Dredd poster with him in a classic pose. I can easily image the longer me carefully detaching the poster and covering my textbook in it (man I was cool).

Homunculus The tale I have been waiting for. When we left off Dredd was exploring the old MC-1 sewer system in search of a monster that is killing troggies. Unfortunately for Dredd the Monster found him first. Following a brief struggle Dredd manages to chase the monster off. Then with the assistance of a sewer droid Dredd confronts it in it's lair, breaking the beast into multiple parts. Believing the beast dead, Dredd returns to surface. But what if Dredd only succeed in producing more monsters!

Up next is a page of readers attempts at drawing Dredd. The theme for the pictures was Judge Dredd Two. I really loved the idea of having Arnold Schwarzenegger as Judge Death (yes you read that correctly). Just imagine a world where that happened, wouldn't it be amazing!?

Graveyard shift The start of the most dangerous shift has begun and to make matters worst it's a full moon! As Dredd races across the city trackling crazy perps, one Milo Lune has managed to release all the local loonies from jail and is leading a mass breakout. I am interested to see where the tale goes and what the Bat Glider role will play out to.

And with that the issue is finished. It definitely has inspired me to create a few characters for my games from this - Weapons Freak for sure will be heading into my games soon, along with the ability to hunt monsters in the sewer systems. Downside of this issues is the two parter, the story feels a little weak and the art is also a little painful.

Let me know your thoughts below or just say hi!

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