Comic Review 51 // Mega-City One Volume 03

The time has come to finish up the Mega-City Undercover collection. The third installment cover showcases the one and only Dirty Frank looking out on a MC-1 looking cityscape, but lingering above him is a vicious looking giant surgeon. I wonder what this will have to do with his tale.

On the next few pages it is implied that this issue only contains two tales. Up first is a continuation of the Low-Life tale and the second sees the return of Lenny Zero (one of my favourites).

Tale - Low-Life The Deal: Dirty Frank faces his biggest challenge to date and discover if he is fit for duty. It is soon and quite quickly decided that Frank is unfit for active and is forced to take the long walk into the Cursed Earth. But before this sentence can be carried out Frank offers the panel another option. One last undercover gig. In exchange Frank will attempt to infiltrate the Hondo-cit Yakuza and discover Aimee Nixon's fate.

This is sad tale and a great conclusion to the Low-Life saga. Frank is such an unique character and having read these so close together it is hard not to feel his pain, as he watches his life go down the drain. I also loved seeing Hondo-cit and the over top cultural icons and imagery. This was a great tale and we'll worth the price of the volume alone.

Tale - Low-Life The really big Christmas Sleep: This tale jumps far ahead in the timeline and is actually set after I have personally got in the Dreddverse, so I'm not entirely sure I get all the talking points. From what I can piece together Frank believes there is still a shadowy organisation operating within the Justice system. After getting a colleague to assist him Frank suffers guilty hallucinations about Nixon and realises this case is too dangerous to involve his friend but sadly it is already to late.

What on earth is going on with this tale?

Tale - Lenny Zero Zero's 7: Oh hell yes! Lenny Zero is back, this is one of my favourite characters in the Dreddverse. Lenny is in need of a big score and you can't get bigger than Justice Central criminal funds reprocessing transport. This giant mobile fortress collects all the sector houses illegal money collected in raids and transport it the central bank. It is almost impossible to get near so Lenny has to form a team like no other. In this rag tag group is:

Shuggy Bear - An enhanced Polar Bear who now runs a shuggy hall.
Johnny Cash - A disgruntled Central Bank cash machine looking to escape the back alley of MC-1.
Satellat - A rogue Sov block droid who is now a gun for hire.
Mink - A creepy Psi who discovers Lenny's plan and blackmails him to be apart of the heist.
Afro Dizzy - Chemical specialised who runs a local nightclub.
Max Normal - The pinstripe freak is back!

Soon they raiding the vault, escaping the law and looking like they are in the clear but it can't be that easy for Lenny?

Great tale, was fun, action packed and not what I expected at all. Good to see some old characters come back and some dirty jokes sneak their way in. Real highlight - Loggerhead - The Southside Droid Mafia boss, an ex timber droid from the Canadia Wastes. Mean looking and something I really want to attempt to build.

With that I am up to date with Low-Life, where do I go now? I've really enjoyed these and it is always fun to experience a different side of the Dreddverse. I feel I will need to get the dumping detective next. Thoughts?

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