Comic Review 47 // Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future 02

Hot on the heels of issue one comes Lawman of the Future 02.

First up it has to be pointed out that it came with a free Official Judges Eagle I.D tattoo just add water! Not only that but we have two new tales, the blue prints to the lawmaster and a whole article on how to draw Judge Dredd. Then we also continue the Heatwave tale, which when we left it Judge Dredd had just been ambushed by the mutant Coldblood.

Got to say I'm excited to jump in.

Tale: Night Patrol - We join cadet Marrs at the academy of law and discover as part of his training he has to join Judge Dredd on a night patrol. First up Marrs' is treated to some action in Ape Town getting some rough life lessons Judge Dredd. Then along side the Lawman he aids the capture of two Powered Armoured perps. The tale ends with Joe Dredd giving his mark of approval to the young Judge.
Standout page has to be the Ape Town section. I love the reference to Charleston Heston.

Next few pages are a repeat of images from the first tale as we are asked if we could make it as a Judge on the mean streets of MC-1. Alongside a blue print of the movie lawmaster. Sadly not very in depth but an interesting quick read.

Tale: Heat Wave Part 2 - We join Dredd as he is getting his ass whooped by Coldblood. After using a bright light to dazzle the mutant, Coldblood escapes to his brood. Soon Dredd discovers Coldblood's brood have took control of weather control and are the reason the city is suffering the Heatwave. To make matters worst they have stolen nuclear missiles and plan to damaged the ozone layer beyond repair. Lucky for MC-1 Dredd has a plan. He just has to survive long enough.

These are possibly my favourite two pages. How to draw Judge Dredd. I like this as it shows poses, shadow, structure. I find these very inspiring and it actually makes me want to have a go at drawing the man himself in this comical uniform.

Tale: Rush Hour Part 1 - It's Monday in MC-1 and those lucky enough to have a job hop onboard the zoom train to travel to work. Unlucky for these citizens armed robbers are also on train. In the chaos of the robbery the trains robot driver is destroyed and the train is set to crash in 5 minutes. Guess I now have to wait until the next issue.

I know I'm only on issue two but this is definitely a high point and if the issues continue this way it promises to be a great series. In issue three we get Mean Machine introduced and the Lawgiver gun technical prints so it promises to be a good one.

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