Comic Review 46 // Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future 01

Welcome to a new section on the blog were I rediscover the short lived comic: Judge Dredd Lawman of the Future. A fortnightly tie in comic to the 1995 movie. Yes the Sky movie, yes the one with the dodgy uniform. So let's dive in and have a laugh.

What a beautiful cover full on silly uniform combined with the phrase cop this! I can't wait to get into this more. This edition contains three tales plus lots of filler. I'm intrigued to see how they handle the material.

Tale: Future Crimes - an intro piece about MC-1, Dredd and some of Crimes he deals with. Starting with a standard robbery we are lead down the rabbit hole with face changing machines and stookie gland farming! Stookie glands for those not in the know, come from an intelligent alien lifeform. Use of the gland is addictive and helps stop the aging process. The highlight of this take is the criminal getting 30 years in a time machine, forcing his body to age rapidly.

Tale: The Fattie Olympics - With boredom in MC-1 at record levels, the general population has turned to extreme hobbies to fill their time. One such hobby is eating, which has lead to the craze Fatties. A term used to describe humans who are almost reaching a ton in weight.

As the Fattie craze spread so did the need to be entertained by them, leading us to the Fattie Olympics. Unfortunately not everyone is happy with this outrageous display of gluttony. An anti-fattie terrorist group has threaten the sporting event and it is up to Dredd and the Judges to stop them. Highlight of tale is a peep getting crushed by a group of stampeding runners.

Tale: Heatwave Part One - Final tale of the opening comic. Weather control is on the blink and as temperatures rise, so too does the crime rate. We join Dredd in sector were crime is raging out of control as everyone attempts to beat the heat. But when control sends Dredd to investigate a beak in the awful truth is revealed; a cold-blooded mutant has illegally entered MC-1 and is attempting to take over the city. The tale ends with a fist fight but who will win?

Final thoughts: When you consider this was a movie tie in and aimed at a younger audience, this is a pretty enjoyable read. The artwork is clean and crisp, the stories flow well and the added fluff is always a bonus. I'm interested to see how the magazine continues from here. I remember reading them at the time which is a shocking 24 years ago (which would have made me 11!) and re-reading them now is filling me with a sense of joy. Drop me comment if these bring back flashbacks for you too.


  1. I loved this comic as a boy, looked forward to it arriving in my corner shop where I had it ordered. One week the order got messed up and it never arrived. I wrote a letter to the publisher enclosing a cheque for the cost (courtesy of my mother) they replied, sending the comic and the cheque back, which as an 11ur old boy made my year! ......funny the things that stick in your mind. Great comic wonder if they're available electronically somewhere?

    1. Hi Nick! What a great memory to have linked to these. I also remember fondly waiting every fortnight for the next issue to arrive at the news agent and the whole excitement of going to get it.

      It is definitely available electronically to read online if interested head over to instagram @adventureswithpeps and shoot me a direct Message and I will tell you where to look.


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