Comic Review 45 // Judge Dredd The Restricted Files 02

Hot on the heels of the first Undercover volume we head back onto the mean streets with Judge Dredd. The Restricted Files are for those not use to the format, contain the stories that did not appear in 2000 ad progs, instead these are the tales from annuals and specials released in the 80's sometime during Case Files Vol. 9 and Vol. 10. These tales don't really progress the main story arc and are sometimes more there for comedy value. Either way let us jump in and enjoy.

Story: I, Beast // Following a stormy night Dr. Bob's Animal Bestiary make the shocking discovery one of their creatures is now loose!
Highlight: Dr. Bob's weird ass experiment swapping a beasts brain with that of a human. Now he had an intelligent lizard and an enraged human.

Story: On The Waterfront // A perp is being followed by Judge Dredd. But what exactly is he buying that would make the lawmen so interested in him?
Highlight: Coffee - Of course in MC-1 coffee is banned. As a highly addictive drug this along with sugar have been banned, meaning a huge black market ring have sprung up around it.

Story: John Brown's Body // After being arrested by a rookie John Brown is left chained to rail in Hayte Street - One of the cities highest crime spree zones! Soon John Brown is robbed of this creds, clothes, glasses, teeth and finally hos organs! Gruesome tale.
Highlight: Dredd saying he won't leave Judge Death on his own in Hayte Street.

Story: Crazy R Raiders // The Crazy R Raiders are a Citi-Def squad gone rogue. Having suffered from either boredom or mass hysteria, this heavily armed group are waging exercise drills against the city and are soon causing mass murder and destruction.
Highlight: Seems this issue is a political piece aimed at the USA's current (in the 80's) view point on gun control. It is also a piece that still rings true today sadly.

Story: Crime Call // In Mega City One anything can be made into a vid show including informing about crimes. Following a live tip off Dredd is soon on the scene of kidnapping and busting heads in his normal manner.
Highlight: The perp most keen to be seen on camera turns out to be the one who made the call to the show! The lengths citizens will go to get their 5 minutes of fame.

Story: Beyond The Wall // Dink Jowett is caught running by Judge Dredd and just before his arrest dumps a single rose into the drain. Soon Dink is under arrest and facing a full interrogation by Dredd but refuses to break! What secret is Dink keeping?
Highlight: The truth of this tale- A small oasis of hope in an otherwise cruel and brutal city. It is truly something worth going to the cubes for. A sweet innocent tale.

Story: Ladies' Night // A pretty bad filler tale. I am going to ignore this tale and let us move on.
Highlight: Nope move on.

Story: Meanwhile... // Whilst Dredd is involved with a high speed chase on the megway he is also having to deal with a hostage situation over the radio. Is there nothing this man can't do?
Highlight: The 130 year granny who is loving the high speed chase!

Story: Report to the Chief Judge // Whilst investigating a break in Dredd comes face to face with the Hunchback Pre-dult gang. Following the shoot out Dredd is unfortunate to become a victim of a high does of Dyco-Psycho 16. Whilst in this state Dredd is tripping balls and almost ends up dead at the hands of the perps.
Highlight: The artwork on this is bright colourful and amazing. Great work at portraying a trip.

Story: J.D. and the Seven Dwarves // Dredd is back at Rowdy Yates (see block wars) but as he enters the turn off he is ambushed and captured by a team of Dwarves.
Highlight: When laws fail the populous it has a habit of coming back to affect the Judges. This was a weird tale and definitely filler. No idea why one is Rambo?

Story: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse // Weather control is down for repairs, leaving MC-1 feeling the heat as the temperature rises. To make matters worst a Doomcult has gained popularity among the citizens and seemingly the Four Horsemen have come to MC-1!
Highlight: Turns out Dredd is just having a bad dream.

Story: She-Devils! // Some more undercover work. This time three female Judges pose as the She-Devils in attempt to discover the source of a massive Stookie Ring.
Highlight: Fun little tale, really painful ending for the villains and some strange artwork especially the Judges Helmets.

Story: Last of the Bad Guys // Out in the Cursed Earth a new mutie gang has risen to power - collectively known as the Bad Guys. Now they have made their first mistake by killing a Judge, soon their second will be trying to kill Dredd.
Highlight: Ripperjacks - Think bats combined with piranha fish and your imagination won't be far off.

Story: The Gaia Conspiracy // All over the city Gaia worshipers are appearing everywhere and it is up to Dredd to solve what is going on. But whilst mind probing one perp they accidentally release Kali.
Highlight: Judge Corey- Pretty sure she is dead in the Anderson timeline so I am a bit confussed how this tale comes after that?

Story: The Blob // Pier 17 is the slight of a dangerous accident whilst Dredd is investigating he notices an unusual slime and discovers a mutated mold from the Black Atlantic has managed to sneak in on a ship and is now eating it's way through the harbor district.
Highlight: Classic B-Movie tale, quick easy and fun to read.

Story: The Blockers // A rare tale involving no Judges. We get to enjoy a day in the life of some blockers and how crazy they all get.
Highlight: The fact that there is no judges and the ability of watching the citizens just do their own thing. I did dislike the block name and soviet symbols used throughout.

Story: The Fall Guy // A mob Godfather is celebrating his 100th birthday but following a murder of a Jimp. Dredd is soon on the case and chasing down the old timer.
Highlight: After dumping the jimp's body a mile up in the air, the body starts to make it's way down to earth. Sadly on it's way, it takes out a batglider and a whole host of sky surfers!

Story: Joe Dredd's Blues // A weird tale involving a song and some weirdly coloured pages.
Highlight: The end this was a weird tale.

Story: Costa Del Blood // Dredd is on duty at the Costa Del Meg. Good job he is there as the one and only Dracula is joining in the fun to.
Highlight: Costa Del Meg - Located within a 17 mile strip located between the Atlantic Wall and the Black Atlantic.

Story: Confessions of an Anarchist Flea // A crazed citizen who keeps fleas as a pet, as decides to deprecate their jumping abilities within a specially designed suit. What on earth could go wrong?
Highlight: The ending is very fitting and comical for main protagonist. Almost a full circle deal.

Story: Night at the Basho // We get to join the wally squad on another adventure. Now the question is how is a drug smuggler ring getting drugs into the sumo gym?
Highlight: Seeing how the drugs where actually smuggled in.

Story: Birdman // A mutant heading over the west wall has only one thing in mind, to recapture a special moment shared with a citizen months before. Question is was it special for the citizen?
Highlight: Got to be honest felt a bit weak on the story. The artwork was the best part.

Story: Son of Ratty's Revenge // A very filler tale based on the son of Ratty and his dreams of revenge. Having waited years he has finally managed to track Dress down.
Highlight: Unable to kill Dredd, the Son of Ratty does the next best thing and shits over Dredd's bike seat.

Story: Headbanger // Dredd chases three juves into the museum of Rock Music. Downstairs in the basement Dredd discovers an illegal Headbanger party. Let the chaos commence.
Highlight: Rock music was officially banned and outlawed 50 years previously due to health reasons.

Story: The Stunning Stunts Club // An illegal pirate TV show is going live showcasing one of MC-1's most popular Stuntmen. Unfortunately Dredd is on case and ready to shut them down.
Highlight: Dredd closing the swimming pool roof just as the stuntman is about to make the perfect landing.

Story: The Dungeon Master // A son of a wealthy citizen has been kidnapped and it is up to Dredd to discover how roleplay links it all together.
Highlight: The maze with robot Troll and giant spider. Classic rpg villians.

Story: Brothers 'N' Arms // A citizen convicted of murder is claiming his newly grafted arms did it. But who's arms are they?
Highlight: The dramatic chase through resyk and the gruesome end for the perps.

Story: The Santa Affair // Pretty sure I've covered this story before. It's Xmas time in MC-1 and the Judges are undercover as Santa to help foil a robbery.
Highlight: Dredd being his normal brah Humbug self. Not a great tale to finish with. Also find it weird to have been repeated from the Case files.

Overall this book was a tale of two halves. It had some real standout tales like- I, beast and Beyond the Wall. Then there was real shockers like Joe Dredd, Blues for example. I really don't know what to think, it has not expamded my view on Dredd but I did enjoy reading it.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below let me know your thoughts.

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