Beer Review 67 // Cosmic Exoskeleton by Burlington Beer Co.

It's been a while since my last beer review but I'm back with a fun new exciting brew. So let's not waste time and gett  cracking on with the beer!


Name: Cosmic Exoskeleton

Style: Gose

Brewery: Burlington Beer Co.

Country: USA. Vermont.

ABV: 5.5%

Commercial Fluff: Black Gose with Raspberry and milk sugar.

Own Opinion

Label: It's what I have come to expect from BBC.  Unusual geometric shapes that kinda look like a beetle. Maybe in reference to the Exoskeleton?

Pour: A dark purple, easy to think it is almost brown in colour.

Aroma: Raspberries are coming through which is good. Smells like real fruit was used.

Taste: Raspberries first and foremost. They are there they proud and they are quitting! That initial hit then makes way for the lactose sweetness to start creeping in. Not a classic tasting Gose in my mind but it is BBC and they love the milk sugar.

Final thoughts is that this is a great tasting brew. Is it a classic tasting Gose? Hell no. It is amazing at beating off this heat? Hell yes. So ignore the word Gose and just treat yourself to a summertime refreshing brew, you won't be disappointed.

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