Audio Drama Review 06 // Judge Dredd: Wanted - Dredd or Alive

Been lying back and enjoying a few audio dramas of late. The most recent one was Judge Dredd: Wanted - Dredd or Alive by the company - Big Finish.

Commercial Fluff:

Justice is under threat in the Big Meg. The Frendz crime syndicate has a new leader, the Boss, who is openly defying the Law. Worse still, a fatal disease is driving Judges insane, turning them into psychotic killers.

After a lifetime's training, Rookie Amy Steel is being assessed by Joe Dredd to see if she is ready to become a Judge. When Dredd begins acting strangely, Steel can't believe he has the deadly disease.

But when the legendary lawman attacks her, Steel has to report him. Judge Dredd is wanted - dead or alive!

Run time: 1 hour 3 minutes.

Overview: First up this is a Big Finish tale which means great quality. Wonderfully recorded vocals and sound effects. It really helps to absorb you into the tale. I especially enjoyed the news reports at the start of each chapter. It gives you a great insight into the average MC-1 cits life.

The tale itself follows two characters, up first is Judge Dredd. In his aspect of the tale, Dredd is attempting to closedown the Frendz criminal organisation or at the very least discover who the new leader is. The second character is rookie judge Amy Steel a new recruit brought over from Brit-cit. To complete her training Steel has to accompany a senior judge on patrol. Unlucky for her she has drawn Dredd!

As the tale progresses we discover something is up with the Judge's sleep machines and those who have used it the most are prone to psychotic breaks. Unfortunately for Judge Steel, Dredd only uses sleep machines. It's now up to Steel to discover if Dredd has snapped and attempt to stop the greatest Lawman ever. But why is Chief Judge Hershey telling her to stand down? The story progresses quickly and soon seems like Dredd has gone completely over the edge but is all as it seems?

I really enjoyed this tale. I loved how it introduced us to Amy Steel, we had a very believe able Dredd and the Frendz criminal plan is epic enough that it could work. I'd easierly give this a 8 out of 10.

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