Comic Review 43 // Superman Earth One Vol.1, 2 & 3

Whilst exploring my local library I stumbled across a lot of DC comics. In this collection I found these unlikely Earth One comics (see my Batman reviews for more action) starring Superman. Personally I had never enjoyed Superman, the idea of a super human who is pretty much invulnerable seemed dull and boring to the younger me, so I avoided them. Instead I found myself drawn to Judge Dredd or Batman, characters that ultimately could be beat.

But I thought hell with it I can read these and see if I can't be swayed.

Superman Earth One Volume One.

Fluff: Forget everything you know about The Man of Steel and brace yourself for a staggering new take on the world's most popular Super Hero.

Best-selling, Hugo Award-winning writer J. Michael Straczynski (Thor, Babylon 5) and red-hot rising star artist Shane Davis (Green Lantern, Superman/Batman) team up for this exciting launch of the Earth One graphic novel series. Set in an all-new continuity re-imagining DC's top heroes, Earth One is a new wave of original, stand-alone graphic novels produced by the top writers and artists in the industry. The groundbreaking new line rockets into effect right here with the Super Hero who started it all – Superman!

What would happen if the origin of The Man of Tomorrow were introduced today for the very first time? Return to Smallville and experience the journey of Earth's favorite adopted son as he grows from boy to Superman like you've never seen before!

Review: How to put this nicely....It wasn't bad. It also wasn't great. Having read this I am left with the feeling of meh. Maybe young me was right and Superman is just too one dimensional, where is the fear, the danger?

The story suffers from being rushed, we aren't introduced to the character. We are just expected to know, which seems pointless creating a new world if nothing is explained. The artwork was great and very enjoyable. To be honest the artwork saves this book. Fingers crossed for Volume two.

Superman Earth One Volume Two.

Fluff: Following the events of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel by acclaimed writer J. Michael Straczynski and superstar artist Shane Davis, comes the long awaited sequel!

Young Clark Kent continues his journey toward becoming the World's Greatest Super Hero, but finds dealing with humanity to be a bigger challenge than he ever imagined! From a ruthless dictator to a new love interest who's not Lois Lane, things are never easy for this emerging Man of Steel.

And the worst is yet to come, in the form of a man-monster with an insatiable appetite, the Parasite! The only thing that might appease his hunger is The Last Son of Kryptonian! But that will also mean he will have Superman's powers without his conscience, and Kal-El cannot come anywhere near him, even though he has to stop him!

Review: Following hot on the disappointment of Vol.1 comes Vol.2. Overall this was a better comic. The pace was improved and a lot more interesting this time. The villain Parasite was sadly one dimensional and the same issue you always have with Superman, the fact you know he is going to lose. The real highlight of this issue was the end and the appearance of Lex Luthor. Finally a real villain.

Superman Earth One Volume Three.

Fluff: WHO WILL SAVE SUPERMAN? Earth has turned its back, leaving Clark Kent at the mercy of the Luthors and Zod. Invulnerable? Maybe. Alone? Definitely.

In his brief stint as a costumed superhero, Clark Kent has run a gauntlet of the world's most deadly and monstrous villains. However, his most dire threat may come from two powerless human beings. Who both just happen to be the two smartest people on the planet.

Lex and Alexandra Luthor have been paid very well to find a way to cancel Superman's powers. The man who destroyed Krypton has been welcomed and invited by the world governments to complete his mission with the murder of Kal-El.

Betrayed, at his most vulnerable, there is no place to hide and no one he can trust. The newcomer from Smallville who would be Superman faces his greatest challenge yet as the world he fought to save sells him out.

Review: Volume three gets off to a very slow start. The plot starts speeding up as more of the plot threads start getting answered. We see how the military grow to fear Superman, we watch the Lex brother and Sister duo grow and we finally find out what threat is coming from space (and it's disappointing).

I found this volume pretty dull. Once I realised it was Zod more than the Luthor's that was going to be villain, I switched off. I had hoped that volume three was going to be a winner but it instead disappointed. Not as bad as Vol. 1 but damn near close! This is definitely not a series I need to revisit.

Save yourself the boredom and just read the Batman Earth One series.

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