Book Review 49 // The board is Set by Gav Thorpe

Jumping back into the Horus Hersey series with a Gav Thorpe ebook. Following the adventures of the Sigillite (slowly becoming a favourite character of mine), this story follows the relationship of the Sigillite with the Emperor as they prepare for the final stage of the war.

Book Details

Title: The Board is Set
Author: Gav Thorpe
Publisher: Black Library
Type: E-Book
Page Count: 20
Commercial Fluff: With the enemy nearing, Malcador the Sigillite communes with the Emperor and plays out wargames, trying to divine a path to victory – and survival – in the battles to come.


The story is set on Terra with the Horus Hersey drawing to a close. Terra is preparing for the final invasion of Horus Lupercal but the issue is the Sigillite still doesn't know the Emperor's plan.

So we get to read about a game were the Sigillite plays the Warmaster and the Emperor plays himself (think Risk). There are a lot of interesting metaphors throughout the tale representing what has gone before but also what might come to pass. It's the perfect Sigillite tale and don't jump into this without understanding the heresy as it does contain spoilers (if you can understand the hints). A real A+ tale.

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