Comic Review 38 // Judge Dredd Deviations by IDW

Recently I've been reading a lot of collected comics. Though fun to go through and hugely enjoyable to read I sometimes miss being able to read and comic and review it in thirty minutes. With this in mind I am going to try and get through a backlog of IDW strips and do some quick and dirty reviews. Starting with:

Deviations Judge Dredd by IDW

I got a lot of IDW strips via Humble Bundle and they have sat on my laptop judging me for way to long. Time to clear the mess and I'm starting with this one-shot. Written by John McCrea the idea of this is to deviate from the main tale. In this scenario, original Dredd cured Mega City One's Werewolf problem and was himself cured of a bite he had taken. Whilst in this one shot, Dredd after being bitten becomes a werewolf and the Judge responsible for the cure never succeeded!

But even as a Werewolf, Dredd can't stop being a Judge and through pure will power manages to contain the wilder wolf side. After a telepathic connection with Anderson it is discovered Dredd wishes to take the Long Walk rather than being caged in an ISO cube. Like most things in MC-1 a new craze forms around Dredd with citizens dressing as wolves to protest Dredd's freedom (Quite the enjoyable panel). Soon Chief Judge McGruder has no choice but to allow Dredd to take the long walk into the Undercity (where he was originally biten).

Down in the Undercity Wolf Dredd teams up with another long walk Judge and together they track down and end a group of renegade Robots. In the combat Wolf Dredd's newest ally is injured and losing blood fast. In order to save him Dredd bites the Judge and together they become a pair of Werewolf Judges and here endeth the tale.

Not sure what I think. It was a good 'what if' tale, fast, to the point, with good enough (not great) artwork. The ending seemed corny and rushed and the appearance of Anderson seemed a bit forced. But like I said quick and easy, just like this review.

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