Comic Review 36 // Judge Dredd the Complete Case Files 09

Must be hitting spring as I am getting into full Judge Dredd reading mode! I have to admit this is going to be a volume, as based on titles alone I we get re-introduced to Chopper and see Chief Judge McGruder standing down. So I am going to shut up and jump straight into the highlights.

Story: Midnight Surfer // Marlon Shakespeare aka Chopper aka Midnight Surfer is honing his skills in preparation for Supersurf 7, the illegal world Power Board Championship. All that stands in his way is Judge Dredd.
Highlight: Supersurf 7- One of the world's craziest crazes. 57 surfers start the race, only two finish the course and one of those dies. Soon Chopper is alone and champion of Supersurf 7. Can't wait for more Chopper tales he is just such a cool character.

Story: Nosferatu // A victim of an unusual attack has been discovered in Sector 78. The victims insides have been melted and then eaten!
Highlight: Creature Nosferatu - Hailing from Garlokk the eighth planet in Callisto. An intelligent, predatory race who look and feed in a similar way to a spider.

Story: West Side Rumble // The Zits have created an ambush for the Sharks their rivals. Tonight was going to be an epic Juve rumble, one for the books.
Highlight: Loving all the characters in this tale, I believe I have a few of them in 1980's GW figures so many the Zit gang will rise again.

Story: Back on the Streets // A pretty straight forward open and shut Armed Robbery. A filler tale but a fun little adventure.
Highlight: Showing off the lawgiver and it different settings, kind of a fun reintroduction to Judge Dredd.

Story: Get Smart // Otto Sump is back with his trick to get rich. Otto's Sump Smart Sweets, dumb as plank then eat these sweets.
Highlight: The smart sweets, nothing illegal in them and nothing in them that will make you smarter.

Story: Something Abnormal About Norman // The Mark 1 Norman service droids have a defect. Their chip that makes makes them realise right and wrong has a bad habit of burning out! Now Dredd has investigate.
Highlight: The original Norman being discovered whilst bathing it's strangled it's owners, then calmly telling his story as if everything was normal...creepy.

Story: The Man Who Knew Too Much // Fisher Wildman is a reporter and unfortunately is about to learn too much about the Justice Department and MC-1.
Highlight: Due to the secret being so important Dredd issues the 'Security of the City' act and forces Wildman to choose between Solitary Confinement for life or Brain Surgery to remove his memory. Love this total control that the Judges have, it's so crazy!

Story: The Magnificent Obsession // Tony Tubbs is soon to be the fattest man to ever stalk the earth and this his tale. His goal is to win the first Fat Show since the end of the food shortage all he has to do it hit two tons!
Highlight: During the show the stage collapses under the weight and 14 world class fatties are crushed to death by their competition.

Story: Mega-Man // Looks like MC-1 has it's own cape crusade. But who is this man and how is Dredd going to react? Well it turns out MC-1 has laws against vigilantes and it falls on Dredd to enforce them.
Highlight: Dredd shooting Mega-man's jetpack leading to the helpless hero bouncing off walls in a small apartment.

Story: Death of a Politician // Remember when an orangutan became MC-1's Mayor? Why now we get a catch up story. What a short turn, by the second page poor Dave is dead! But why are the Mob Blitzers going after Dave in the first place?
Highlight: After questioning the rival political groups over 1500 arrests are made none of them for Dave's murder. Sounds like our current political parties to use some Judging too!

Story: Love Story // Bella Bagley is rescued by Dredd from a mugging and unfortunately for Dredd becomes completely obsessed with him!
Highlight: After Dredd rebukes her affections Bagley attempts to jump of a bridge, lucky for her Dredd is there to once more rescue her.

Story: The Lemming Syndrome // Over a 1000 Foont Block Citizens random decide to start jumping en-mass from High up. 747 die before Judges are able to stop it. But what caused it?
Highlight: No real highlight for me this is a very filler piece.

Story: The Squadron That Time Forgot // Six world war two german fighter planes have randomly appeared in the skies of MC-1 and it is up to Dredd to bring them down.
Highlight: The pilot freaking out over the batgliders and opening fire on them. Also love the giant floating Pie in the Sky Restaurant, only in MC-1 would you ever see something so crazy.

Story: The Ugly Mug Ball // Sector 160 is playing host to the Ugly Ball this years, unfortunately it is also playing host to an escaped criminal.
Highlight: The artwork is amazing in this strip. Love the detail put into every panel.

Story: A Day at the Block Wars // Every Cadet class from the academy of law spends a few days out in the field. Lucky for this class today is Block Wars.
Highlight: A cadet dares to ask why the Judges don't just try to make the citizens happy. In response he is asked if he is a liberal.

Story: The Lurker // A story following a street scavenger who believes he is about to get 10 million creds all he has to do is get the case open before Dredd gets back.
Highlight: The discovery it is Isotopes giving off 10 million Rads! Poor Lurker.

Story: Merry Tale of the Christmas Angel // It's Christmas time in MC-1 and Ed Flymo has a killer christmas gift for everyone. Whilst in a block next door Mean Machine Angel is released into a penal rehab program with Mr and Mrs Puddock. What can possibly go wrong.
Highlight: Mean Machine of course. After being lobotomised the passive Mean is constantly reminded of Dredd and soon his hatred over takes his medical condition.

Story: The Warlord // Shojan - Warlord of Ji has decided to make MC-1 his home. Shojan is Psi-Mystic of the tenth Dan and is known for using his powers to cause explosions and murder people. Shojan soon makes it onto Dredd's naughty list, but how will Dredd stop him and who are the seven Samurai?
Highlight: Judge Omar of Psi division has to use a psi-amp to tackle the threat knowing all to well it will mean his death. For her error in Judgement Chief Judge McGruder steps down from her position!

Story: Beggars' Banquet // Judge witnesses a vagrant being kidnapped by Old Town Ghouls and is soon chasing them into the undercity. There he discovers a nest of cannibals and is quick to deal out justice.
Highlight: The undercity - love tales set down here,be it ghouls, werewolves or vampires it's a great place to sneak in a classic villain.

Story: A Chief Judge Resigns // Chief Judge McGruder resigns following the Shojan case. With news hitting streets fast, a new council of five is soon chosen. Alongside Shenker comes Veteran Judge Grimlet, Judge-Tutor Silver, Tek Judge Brufen and Judge Hershey.
Highlight: Seeing how harsh McGruder judges failure in people, she is very much like Dredd. No grey just black and white.

Story: The Secret Diary of Adrian Cockroach // a very weird filler tale following a day in the life of a roach inside a restaurant Dredd is about to close down.
Highlight: The actual story - don't think I've ever witnessed a tale told from a roaches viewpoint...It's weird.

Story: Last Voyage of the Flying Dutchman // The Flying Dutchman of MC-1 is a pleasure cruise ship using Anti-Grav motors to travel through the Cursed Earth and into MC-1. But why aren't the rich travellers on deck enjoying the view? Soon Dredd is aboard and swabbing the Decks.
Highlight: The artwork for the muties they really look gross!

Story: Letter From a Democrat // This tale revolves around a letter from Hester to Gort, explaining why she has join the Members of the Democratic Tendency and why she felt the need to hold an entire studio hostage during the breakfast show.
Highlight: The Judge Raid- though shown via a quarter page panel it conveys the violence and unrelenting abilities of the Justice Department.

Story: The Falucci Tape // Following a tap gang attack a tape is discovered with a dark secret on it. A Judge is having a secret relationship!
Highlight: The tap gang get greedy and try to blackmail the Judge not realizing that the Judge would prefer to commit murder than get caught!

Story: Gribligs // Furry creatures from the planet Plexus. Smart, able to do tricks and breed like crazy. After arriving in MC-1 they start breeding and after a cleaver escape they become one with eco-system. Just make sure you never take them home!
Highlight: The escape route down the toilet, in genius and gross.

Story: The Big Sleep // When a hired gun makes an error it doesn't take long for the law to catch up. But who has set Flip Marlowe and how low can he survive with two of Dredd's bullets in him.
Highlight: A perp story. It's fun to see MC-1 life from a perp's view point. Great filler.

Story: It Pays to be Mental // In this tale we follow a citizen of MC-1 who is classified as Mental by the justice department. What this means is he is free to get away with a certain level of crazy. But how much crazy can Dredd forgive?
Highlight: The crazy breaking the fourth wall and talking straight to the reader even in front of Dredd.

Story: Rumours can Kill // Rover Johnson has been stoned now it is up to Dredd to workout why? But what rumour could have caused this?
Highlight: Rumours - Something so small rapidly grew out of control and led to 44 citizens stoning their neighbour! How on earth can this happen?

Story: Zombies // A Bio lab has created a creature similar to a human but not as intelligent and supposedly impervious to pain. What the Bio lab hadn't planned for was Thomas Zedd.
Highlight: The artwork. The zombies look gross all infected with different diseases, it is understandable why Thomas Zedd does what he does.

Story: The Exploding Man // Nobel was your normal citizen of sector three. Then the Apoc War happened and the entire sector was wiped out by nukes. Four years later and Nobel is a changed man. Now with unique powers, Nobel's only goal in life is to destroy the nearest sector house.
Highlight: After Empath Cory discovers his past, Dredd orders the local sector house to be emptied and allows Nobel to destroy and vent his rage out. It's strange to see the Judges just roll over. It's also good to see Judge Cory back.

Story: Riders on the Storm // Weather control for Sector 58 has broken down causing a freak thunderstorm to move in. Whilst the gangs take advantage of the chaos and biker gang long believed dead reappears and starts taking out their rivals. But can ghosts be real?
Highlight: The Richfellows Club. A bunch of old wealthy white men recreate the biker gang in hopes of dealing with the local Juve problem.


Standout story of this issue has to be the Midnight Surfer, Chopper is an amazing character and I can't wait to read more of his tales that I know exist out there. Other standout tales include West Side Rumble, The Squadron Time Forgot, The Warlord, The Big Sleep and Zombies. Though there was a fair share of filler tales this ultimately was fun read and really helped flesh out the city more. I like the Case Files when they aren't 20 prog epic tales, I also enjoy the villain the view point tales as well.

Time to move onto the next collection but until then let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading.

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