Book Review 48 // Judge Dredd: Deathmasques by Dave Stone

Well as my comic reviews are proving I am massively back on the Judge Dredd reading schedule. I haven't read a full Judge Dredd novel since Savage Amusement, so I am excited to jump back in and what tale is better than Deathmasques which is set in Brit-Cit (ie. the UK) and plays host to Armitage one of my favourite 2000 AD characters. Let's see the details.

Book Details

Title: Deathmasques
Author: Dave Stone
Publisher: Virgin Books
Type: Paperback
Page Count: 264
Commercial Fluff: Travelling to Brit-Cit on the trail of a bloodthirsty, body-hopping alien, Judge Dredd is forced to work with the local Detective, Judge Armitage.


As mentioned it is always fun to read Dredd, but this novel is extra special as it is set in Brit-Cit. We get to visit a different city and deal with a whole load of new stereotypes. Throw into this mix mega corporations, body jumping aliens and Armitage and you end up with a fun sci-fi novel.

At times this book does fall into a classic 80's buddy cop movie, as Armitage and Dredd play off each other. But it works well showcasing the similar let very different views on justice. Like most Dredd tales the body count is super high and bloody, but unlike most Dredd tales, old stone face does take a bit of a beating. I love some of the locations especially the Dragon pleasure zones and the sky hook. It did suffer a little from a rushed plot but ultimately was a fun quick read.

Have you read this one? Let me know in the comments.

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