Beer Review 66 // Hofbrau Original by Hofbrau Muenchen

Heading for a classic brew this fine Friday evening, as we head into a long weekend. As I crack a bottle of this next beer open. I am instantly transported back to my holiday in Munich, on a birthday retreat. I have fond memories of drinking this halfway up a snow covered hill, as we headed for the Swan Princes castle. For this review I am using that photo I took on that day and living in the past, if only for a while.


Name: Hofbrau Original

Style: Helles

Brewery: Hofbrau Muenchen // Brewery Munich

Country: Germany. Munich.

ABV: 5.1%

Commercial Fluff: Hofbräuhaus is a symbol of Munich’s hospitality and the Bavarian gift for creating a snug and cosy atmosphere. Beer-lovers from all over the world come here to enjoy its famous beers.
More than any other, Hofbräu Original embodies the special atmosphere of the beer-making capital of Munich, and exports it to the four corners of the globe. Its refreshing, bitter flavour and alcoholic content of around 5.1% volume have made it famous worldwide. A Munich beer with character.

Own Opinion

Label: It's outworldly, it's original, it is Germanic and it's pure. Blue and yellow the classic colours of this beer that has outlasted most beers and will be around longer than any of us.

Pour: Super clear golden pour, sharp bubbles rising forming a crisp white head that doesn't linger. It is just a text beer.

Aroma: Maltly, bready, grass, soft fruit. This just grabs me and drags me back to Germany. They know how to make a great a brew.

Taste: Soft gentle bready malts, a little hint of grassy and herbal notes. A bitterness that leaves you wanting to drink more. Very easy drinking and hugely enjoyable after a week of hazy IPA.

Would I buy it again: Yes. It's a classic and for good reason. It's crisp, it bitter enough, it is sitting on a patio and enjoying life type of a beer. There is a reason Munich is a beer destination and this it. Cracking this bottle has brought back so many fond memories of trip taken long ago and that is what beer should be about...Fun and making memories.

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