Book Review 47 // The Children of Húrin by J.R.R Tolkien

It's been a rough week here for myself. I've been suffering from a bad back and the meds I was taking caused stomach ulcers and some bleeding!! So a few days in hospital and I am as good as new. What it did mean is that I fell behind on my planned reading. So with this in mind here is my next book review The Children of Húrin by J.R.R Tolkien.

Book Details

Title: The Children of Húrin
Author: J.R.R Tolkien
Publisher: Harper Collins
Artist: Alan Lee
Type: Hardback
Page Count: 313
Commercial Fluff: Six thousand years before the One Ring is destroyed, Middle-earth lies under the shadow of the Dark Lord Morgoth. The greatest warriors among elves and men have perished, and all is in darkness and despair. But a deadly new leader rises, Túrin, son of Húrin, and with his grim band of outlaws begins to turn the tide in the war for Middle-earth -- awaiting the day he confronts his destiny and the deadly curse laid upon him.

Deftly balancing thrilling battles with moments of introspection, Tolkien's vivid and gripping narrative reaffirms his primacy in fantasy literature.


I was excited to read the Children of Hurin and though it was a hard read, it was definitely epic. The writing is definitely in Tolkien's over the top long form, think Beowulf and you aren't far off. The tale follow's Hurin and then his children (mostly Thurin) and unlike say the hobbit we get to follow a really human centred tale. It is full of wonderful action, epic battles and heartbreaking moments. Made more special with Alan Lee's artwork.

Thurin is thrown into a world he was not prepared for and is filled with an anger he can't fully control or be rid off. Mix into this a world where everything is ultimately FUBAR and no action leads to happy ever after and you get the idea. This is a sad tale, one were I was left feeling numb and empty. Just a great if hard read, go pick it up.

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