Comic Review 35 // Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files 08

Coming in hot and fast with another comic review. I am feeling the Judge Dredd vibes once more so I am attempting to keep the rhythm going and jumping straight into the Complete Case Files 08. The tales found inside this comic are from progs 376-423 and in the Dredd timeline follow 2106 till 2107. So stop being a Drokker and jump on in!

Story: Many Unhappy Returns // C.J. Rexel is celebrating his 100th birthday when suddenly his birthday blimp is shot down killing all the guests. But who shot it down?
Highlight: After receiving a tip off from a concerned citizen about the killer, Dredd decides to investigate them too and discovers they are shop lifters.

Story: Dredd Angel // Judge Dredd is traveling into the Radlands north of Texas City and needs a guide. So who better than Mean Machine? Using hi-tech surgery the Judges rewire Mean Machine to believe Dredd is in fact his PA!
Highlight: Part of Dredd's mission is to rescue a priceless collection of Liberace relics.

Story: Gator // Dredd is chasing two known criminals in to the MC-1 Sewer System. But no one expected to find life larger than a rat down there. Soon Dredd is chasing down the cause of the gators but with the Jimmy Tarbuck block survival club down there too will Dredd be able to save them in time?
Highlight: White Gator - Completely blind and averaging five meters long. These are a real beast and even Dredd struggles to handle them. Love the idea of these and will have to find some crocs to paint up!

Story: Question of Judgement // The annual Apocalypse Day Parade is taking place, among the crowd stands Judge Dredd talking to Judge Morph the guy who gave him his full eagle.
Highlight: Tight Boots - start questioning your judgements, in that chase start wearing a boot size smaller and your fears go away. Nice to see Dredd being a little bit human and questioning issues.

Story: Error of Judgement // Dredd is accused of assault and is facing a disciplinary hearing when he declares he is in fact guilty! Could Dredd be heading to titan?
Highlight: Dredd punching Judge Accountant Winslow in the face. Love it!

Story: A Case for Treatment // Following the last two stories it has been decided that Dredd checks out for Psychiatric Examination to determine if he is still fit to be a Judge.
Highlight: Dredd is having some real human emotions, he almost seems to be a real person rather than the cold heart Judge we know and love. Fearing Dredd is on the edge the Chief Judge reassigns Dredd to the Wally Squad!

Story: The Wally Squad // When undercover Judges start acting shady a Senior Judge is called in to monitor the Judges. This time the job falls on Dredd to decide if Fast Pino and Silvan Shea have gone rogue.
Highlight: Seeing how even a Judge isn't infallible Fast Pino had been living the Low Life for so long he didn't realize he had gone native. Sad end to his career.

Story: City of the Damned // MC-1 science teams have managed to create the first time traveling machine named Proteus. Now it is "time" for Dredd and Anderson to move forward to 2120 and discover if Judge Feyy's prediction of disaster is either true or false. What they find will completely change them and MC-1 forever.
Highlight: In the future of 2120 the Judges have all become Vampires in the thrall of the Mutant including Dredd's friend Hershey. We also see Dredd losing his eyes at the hand of some lizard monsters, leading to his bionic replacements.

Story: The Hunters Club // When people get bored in MC-1 (common problem) weird groups can soon form. One such group in the Hunters Club: randomly selecting a citizen out of the directory to be hunted, this group then draw lots as to whom will kill the citizen.
Highlight: After a failed hunt, the Judges are finally moving in on the Hunters Club. But it would seem the club are aware and have measure to cover their tracks. I feel this will be a story we one day come back to.

Story: Monsteroso // A Class "Big M" series construction droid has gone haywire. Now calling himself Monsteroso, the droid is now laying waste to MC-1 and can tear down even the tallest city blocks.
Highlight: Poor Judge Virgil after just avoiding being crushed under foot the heroic judge climbs on board and attempts to scale the construction droid. Unfortunately for Virgil the droid straightens it leg crushing the Judge under a knee joint.

Story: Spugbug // A bit of a filler story, with the theme being prank phone calls and the trouble they can cause. In this case death!
Highlight: Won't say there is one. Pure filler, nothing bad, just nothing stand out.

Story: Juve's Eyes // Primo and his family are new arrivals in MC-1. Unfortunately for Primo he is also a psychokinetic. It doesn't take long for the kid to start causing trouble and death a plenty.
Highlight: Primo - after dealing with the scum gang members, Primo turns his power upon himself a commits the most painful suicide I could imagine.

Story: Sunday Night Fever // Every Sunday night the Judges face Happy Hour. That time of the week when the unemployed realize they have no reason to wake up on Monday. With boredom and depression running wide these people turn to crazy life threatening activies.
Highlight: Perps in a Rhino suit. Attempting to raid a van whilst wearing Rhino outfits. Of course it does not last long for Dredd to arrive.

Story: Hagatha Smeld // Someone has killed Hagatha but they are all remaining closed mouth about it. Maybe resurrecting Hagatha might help?
Highlight: Mega-City  Necropolis the expensive resting home for the dead. This is the only way to avoid being sent to resyk.

Story: Aftermath Ron Reagan // The Dark Judges are lose and have struck the Ron Reagan block a home for the aged and infirm. With 217 dead this is going to keep Dredd busy for a while. But why is a local thug visiting the crock farm with 40 million?
Highlight: A local crime family in an attempt to escape justice, get their faces and bodies altered to blend in with the local old folks. Unfortunately for one member of the family the Dark Judges have exposed their crimes.

Story: Thirteenth Assessment // Cadet Brisco at the academy of law is undergoing the thirteenth assessment. During this test they control the actions of a senior Judge. Guess who Brisco got!
Highlight: Eldster gangs - it's not just the youth you have to watch out for in MC-1. Also seems to be an on going theme with the last few strips.

Story: Casey's Day Out // The story starts at ISO-Block 101 and Casey has just finished his 20 year sentence and is leaving a free man. Only problem is the man he attempt to kill 20 years ago has not forgot.
Highlight: After being free for only a few hours Casey decides he can't live a life under constant threat and punches Dredd, forcing the Judge to arrest him and send him back to the safety of the cubes.

Story: 99 Red // Code 99 Red means Judge Amok. Judge Sleever has snapped and attacked a citizen. Worst let he hit Dredd with his bike. Now the full Justice force is hunting down this rogue Judge.
Highlight: After being caught Sleever is off the psycho wing for some laser surgery and with luck will be back on the streets by the weeks end!

Wow bit of a weird collection this one. stand out tales include Judge Angel, Gator, wally Squad and City of the Damned. There just felt like a lot of filler combined with a lot of jumping back and forth with art styles. I also find it odd to mention Dredd questioning the system and writing it off as his bots needed to be tighter! And what gives mentioning the Dark Judges but not showing them. I want Dark Judges.

Overall an average collection.

Beer Review 65 // Super Size Hilma by Omnipollo

Trying to get better at putting up my beer reviews on here, especially when you consider beer is in my blog title. So with that in mind we start back up with a truly tasty beer - Super Size Hilma by Omnipollo.


Name: Super Size Hilma

Style: Imperial India Pale Ale

Brewery: Omnipollo

Country: Denmark (brewers home) but brewed in the US.

ABV: 8.5%

Artwork: Karl Grandin

Commercial Fluff: Vanilla, Burger Bun, Crispy Fries, Imperial India Pale Ale. Double dry-hopped, double vanillad, double burgered and double friesed. Beer everything. - Henok

Own Opinion

Label: Such a shiny label! Classic Omnipollo styled art that Karl Grandin is famous for. Really stands out on the shelf.

Pour: Super hazy but a beautiful bright yellow pour and a crisp white cap.

Aroma: This beer is amazingly well hopped, you get a big face full of tropical hops slapping you about as you crack open the can and pour.

Taste: In taste it is full of Pineapple, citrus, grapefruit and Danky hops. With a sweet vanilla middle that finishes with a saltiness on the tongue. This beer went down so easy and so enjoyable.

Would I buy it again: Yes. I doubt I will ever find it so easily again though. I feel I got very lucky arriving the day after they got supplied and being able to buy the last two cans. I do wonder what flavours the fries and burgers actually brought to the mix but when it tastes this good who cares?

Have you tried it? Let me know below and please hit follow to support the blog.

Comic Review 34 // Judge Anderson PSI FILES 01

I'm starting to get through some of the comics piling up finally, this time we reach the first collected tales of Judge Dredd's occasional partner Judge Anderson. These stories come from 2000ad Annual of 1984 and Progs 416-427, 468-478, 520-531, 607-609, 612-622, 635-647, 657-659, 669-670, 712-717 and 758-763, plus an additional story of Judge Corey from 2000ad Special 1989)

As you can tell from the above info, these stories are collected over a large period of Judge Dredd time. Whilst your reading this please keep in mind the timeline; because if we were doing the books in sequence it would slot in at around the complete case files number 7 and then into number 8.

It collects all of Anderson's tales from 1984 to 1991.

Anderson was a fan favourite supporting character in Dredd's stories. Meaning it was only a matter of time before she got her own strip. As you will come to notice, Anderson is almost a direct opposite to Judge Dredd and shows emotion, even empathy towards victims and preps. Which makes a nice change to old Stone faces totalitarian outlook on life.

Enough intro now on to the stories.


Story: Four Dark Judges - Judge Anderson is conned into travelling back to Dead World. Were she unleashes the 4 Dark Judges. Now it's a race against time to stop them and save herself from a one way trip to Titan. Can Anderson, Judge Dredd and the Justice system stop another rampage by this this fearsome foursome?
Highlight: The Dark Judges! Can't beat the foursome on a killing spree, these are some of my favourite villains ever. Their logic though twisted is correct, crime is only committed by the living.

Story: The Possessed - A cult has kidnapped a Juve in hopes of opening a gateway to a demonic world. Can Anderson save the kid and close the gateway or will she have to resort to hard ass tactics.
Highlight: The Mega City cultists. I found them to have a comical presence as well as for-filling the classic horror movie get up.

Story: Hour of the Wolf - An East-Meg Psi hit squad has critically injured Anderson. Whilst the pre-cog is in medbay she is plagued by vision of a wolf destroying the city. But who is the wolf?
Highlight: There is only one really highlight of this tale, but if I tell you then it will ruin the story. I know such a lame cop out.

Story: Contact - Anderson is out in deep space and is making first contact with an alien race that can only communicate via telepathy.
Highlight: Anderson convincing a fellow Judge to believe that the aliens are in fact giant, poisonous, man eating mutant alien maggots!

Story: Beyond the Void - Abbot Costello the great Mahatma has searched out Nirvana and crossed over into the void. But not all is as it seems and someone or something is waiting for him. Can Anderson find the monk in time to stop her arch nemesis from returning.
Highlight: That's right good old Judge Death is back and still chilling out in limbo. He adds the right mix of creepy and comedy to this tale. Whilst making sure we know that he will be back!

Story: Helios - Dr Helios is out for revenge and once more party girl Anderson is on the scene. I fine it weird how PSI Judge get free time and the ability to go clubbing. Just doesn't sit right with me.
Highlight: Mutated psi slaves full of rage and murder!

Story: Judge Corey: Leviathan's Farewell - A little Judge Corey filler. Judge Corey is an empath (unlike Anderson's Telepathy) and this causes her to feel all the pain and suffering of others around, which seem to be taking it's toll on her. Her case leads her out to sea where she meets the last of the humpback whales and psychically connects with the animal. The experience is all to much for Corey being next to the last Humpback whale as it died.
Highlight: Judge Corey, originally a sidekick for Anderson. It was nice to see her getting some love and a fuller back story, shame it was her last tale.

Story: Triad - Three Juves are all linked by their dreams, but someone is manipulating them to commit acts of psi-terror on MC-1. It falls to Anderson to work out what is really going on.
Highlight: The Blockness monster arriving in a block park lake to terrorise the residents.

Story: The Prophet - Call me Bill is the Prophet robot and is calling for the end of the fleshy ones. But something doesn't seem right about Bill, why is his fluids red like the fleshy ones?
Highlight: Call me Bill's wife pretending to be a TV!

Story: The Random Man- In a city of little choice how much damage can fate and a dice cause? What would happen if you let dice decide your every move, would you follow blindly?
Highlight: The artist of this strip Carlos Ezquerra, is by far my favourite Mega-City artist.

Story: The Screaming Skull - Eb is being haunted by his past mistakes and is indeed of help. Soon Anderson is on hand but can the dead really haunt the living?
Highlight: Kalvin King- A fun underwear sales rep, mets a grisly end, but proves life is worth living especially in MC-1.

Story: Engram - Whilst out in the Cursed Earth Anderson suffers a fall and experiences a moment which will alter her future.
Highlight: Anderson reliving the past that made her into a Judge, this is a pretty dark tale to be honest and definitely not what I expected.

Story: Bonus Strip: The Haunting- Dr Levin has been possessed by the Demon Dahak. So it's now up to Anderson to go in and clean house.
Highlight: Anderson's psi image entering Levin's mind, it is just like riding a slide!


Really enjoyed the Anderson Psi Files. Having only read about her via Dredd. It's nice to see how the PSI department actually operates and runs in MC-1. I also like how they have transplanted Orlock over into her stories and making him into her long running nemesis alongside Death. I'm excited to get the next book and start reading as they are all new and fresh stories to me. So how to rate a new series and how it made me feel.....Well it's easy in this case it is fun, interesting and well rounded. This is a character that has had some time spent in it's creation, I feel they learnt from Dredd and made sure they had a realistic character to build stories from.

Until next time thanks for stopping by!

Book Review 47 // The Children of Húrin by J.R.R Tolkien

It's been a rough week here for myself. I've been suffering from a bad back and the meds I was taking caused stomach ulcers and some bleeding!! So a few days in hospital and I am as good as new. What it did mean is that I fell behind on my planned reading. So with this in mind here is my next book review The Children of Húrin by J.R.R Tolkien.

Book Details

Title: The Children of Húrin
Author: J.R.R Tolkien
Publisher: Harper Collins
Artist: Alan Lee
Type: Hardback
Page Count: 313
Commercial Fluff: Six thousand years before the One Ring is destroyed, Middle-earth lies under the shadow of the Dark Lord Morgoth. The greatest warriors among elves and men have perished, and all is in darkness and despair. But a deadly new leader rises, Túrin, son of Húrin, and with his grim band of outlaws begins to turn the tide in the war for Middle-earth -- awaiting the day he confronts his destiny and the deadly curse laid upon him.

Deftly balancing thrilling battles with moments of introspection, Tolkien's vivid and gripping narrative reaffirms his primacy in fantasy literature.


I was excited to read the Children of Hurin and though it was a hard read, it was definitely epic. The writing is definitely in Tolkien's over the top long form, think Beowulf and you aren't far off. The tale follow's Hurin and then his children (mostly Thurin) and unlike say the hobbit we get to follow a really human centred tale. It is full of wonderful action, epic battles and heartbreaking moments. Made more special with Alan Lee's artwork.

Thurin is thrown into a world he was not prepared for and is filled with an anger he can't fully control or be rid off. Mix into this a world where everything is ultimately FUBAR and no action leads to happy ever after and you get the idea. This is a sad tale, one were I was left feeling numb and empty. Just a great if hard read, go pick it up.

Audio Drama 02 // The Sigillite by Chris Wraight

Welcome to a long overdue Audio Drama review. For this we delving into the 30k verse of the Warhammer Universe. I was lucky enough to get three dramas via the Humble Bundle deal, which means three reviews are coming your way very soon. Starting first The Sigillite.

Black Library presents The Horus Heresy: The Sigillite

Commercial Fluff: Horus Heresy audio drama. Warmaster Horus has divided the Imperium in a bloody civil war, but while his armies prepare for battle the Emperor himself remains curiously absent. In his place stands Malcador – legendary Sigillite, First Lord of Terra and regent to the throne, and now arguably the single most powerful man in the entire galaxy. Imperial Army officer Hasani Sabbyat is seconded to Malcador’s command for a secret mission into the wastelands of Gyptus, and along the way he learns the truth behind the Heresy and a great deal more about the destiny of mankind. Where do Malcador’s true loyalties lie?


My first 30K audio drama and what a tale to jump into. For the most part we get to hear the thoughts of the elusive Malcador and how he feels on the current civil war raging throughout the galaxy. I found this drama full of interesting lore especially with Malcador talking and revealing his past, present and future feelings/thoughts/actions. It was also interesting to hear what the Emperor is up to, though most of us know about it already.

Overall this was a great fun listen. The main character other than Malcador was a bit flat in my opinion but I understand why he was needed. The action when got some was very brutal and quick in the classic Warhammer way and I was left wanting more which is always good. If you haven't already I recommend picking up a Black Library audio book and immerse yourself in the fun.

Comic Review 33 // The Complete Case Files 07

Well I'm starting to get into the groove of book and comic reviews. So I'm pleased to announce that I'm now complete with The Complete Case Files 07. According to the cover which is in glorious pink, it covers progs 322-275 or 2105-06 in MC-1 years. I'm pretty excited for this one as it includes Cry of the Werewolf one of my favourite tales as a child rummaging through old progs. Let's jump in with the breakdown.

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 1) - A full moon in MC-1 can only mean one thing...A busy night for Dredd! Escaping from the Undercity via a crack in the city floor, three Werewolves start to explore the city and enjoy the sweet meats.
Highlight: Sleep Machine - Total Relaxation Inducers, allows for a full night's rest to be compressed into minutes. Such a creepy idea, I love my sleep! 

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 2) - The Wolf pack are all naturalized but not before Judge Korkoran bit alongside a citizen. Whilst investigating the wolves bodies it is discovered that on was once Judge Bram, a retired Judge who took his long walk in the undercity!
Highlight: Judge Korkoran turning into a Werewolf on the final page. He looks crazy.

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 3) - After seeing Korkoran turn into a Wolf, Dredd realizes there was another victim during the earlier attack. As Dredd sends a Judge Team to seek out the victim fresh howls can be heard throughout Buck Chegwin Block.
Highlight: The poor neighbours in Buck Chegwin, believing an illegal dog is lose in the block the poor neighbours get a nasty surprise.

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 4) - Having controlled the Werewolf outbreak it is now time for Dredd to travel to the source and end the problem once and for all.
Highlight: The Undercity - The ruins of the old world paved over to make way for the new Mega-City. Now home to mutants, criminals and other unknown scum. 

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 5) - Dredd is on the trail of White Werewolf hiding out in Central Park.
Highlight: The wolf is lead by a white werewolf and the pack is over fifty strong. How will Dredd cope against them all.

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 6) - In an attempt to bring an end to the Werewolf problem, Dredd faces down the entire werewolf pack. Soon Dredd is almost completely overwhelmed and attempts to escape deeper into. After being ambushed by the White Wolf Dredd is bitten before defeating the beast.
Highlight: As Dredd slowly succumbs to the wolf virus, he hatches a plan to completely wipeout the pack. But can he stay human enough to succeed?

Story: Cry of the Werewolf (Part 7) - With the pack dead Dredd finally succumbs to the White Wolf's bite and completely turns. Driven by a bloodlust Dredd attempts to attack some undercity citizens. Falling within their trap it seems like Dredd is done for! After his rescue and return to MC-1 Dredd is treated and cured. We are even treated to a horrible pun at the end.
Highlight: Judge Prager - Ex-Judge on the long walk. After rescuing Dredd, Prager stuns his werewolf form and carries him topside. After delivering Dredd, Prager turns and walks back into the darkness. Such a badass.

Story: The Weatherman (Part 1) - Composer Carl Heinz Pilchards-in-Tomato-sauce Clayderman has finally lost it. Composing his latest piece in the Auditorium he is abusing the audience with out of control weather.
Highlight: The giant hail storm that rains down on the audience.

Story: The Weather (Part 2) - Composer Carl Heinz Pilchards has lost it and is currently raining down weather on his poor audience. As Judge close in on the crazed composer, Carl fires off lighting stunning the Judges. As the show comes to an end Dredd leads the rescue crews in to discover everyone is dead apart from the insane composer.
Highlight: Weird tale all together, Dredd wasn't really in it and pretty much everyone died. Weird.

Story: Requiem for a Heavyweight (Part 1) - A fattie is discovered dead in the wasteland between sectors. Cause of Death a Bedstead lodged in the Abdomen! What on earth is going on now in MC-1.
Highlight: The wonder drug of the future - Appetite Inducer. When taken in large amounts the victim can't stop eating. They must eat or be driven mad with hunger pains.

Story: Requiem for a Heavyweight (Part 2) - With Pudge dead his manager is on the look out for his next pig. Having discovered a contentor in Frank Cannon Segregation block, the manipulative Manager organizes an escape plot.
Highlight: Charge of the Heavy Brigade. Having been lied to residents of the Segregation block rush Judges in an attempt to access free food. Resulting in the death of two Judges and the escape of Arnold Stodgman.

Story: Requiem for a Heavyweight (Part 3) - The 27th Heavyweight eating Championship is underway. This highly illegal competition is being held in the abandon Cyril Lord block out in a destroyed sector. Unlike for guests and contenters alike Dredd is also on hand.
Highlight: Arnold Stodgman achieves the incredible ton in a hour but is never going to be crowned the winner. He dies from the pressure of all the food and dies as the Judges arrive.

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 1) - Seeing a new point of view from the judges view point. This time we head into the shadowy graveyard shift. Were in one evening 9000 serious crimes will be committed including the death of a judge.
Highlight: The Judges take down a Juve gang with extreme prejudice. 

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 2) - The night is still young and the graveyard shift is really heating up. Snipers, citizen vigilantes, mutant infiltrators, out of control fires and a four way Juve fight are all underway. How on earth do the Judges maintain control?
Highlight: Jerry shooting back at the Sniper due to being made late to the theatre.

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 3) - The Larry Hagman Conapts is now a total inferno, death toll reaches 3350 before the fire is under control. Then we get to see a real seedy underbelly of MC-1 - Bite Fighting Pits.
Highlight: Southfork holds a Burn Up Party BBQ to celebrate the Larry Hagman fire.

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 4) - When is this crazy night going to end? Not only has a Block War started, but also Mob Blitzers are attacking a rival mobs nightclub. To make matters worse mutants are still attempting to break in, a hold all containing just left hands is discovered and a Citi-Def force is planting explosives under a rival block.
Highlight: Para-Glider Citi-Def. Jumping from their block to raid the rival block across the street. Unfortunately for them the Judges were prepared and shoot them out of the sky.

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 5) - It's only 0150 hours. Now the ST. CLAIR/MONROE blockwar has escalated. St. Clair sending in an infiltration unit, have managed to blow the foundations of Monroe and caused a block collapse. As the Monroe block falls it cracks open the plaza, causing St.Clair to topple to. Over 100,000 dead in seconds.
Highlight: Whilst attempting to save a baby Dredd throws the baby to waiting Judge Lyall, before plunging off the falling block.

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 6) - Dredd is falling to his death after saving a baby. His only chance is to grab hold onto a handrail of crosswalk. Though managing to grab it Dredd dislocates his shoulder. We are then treated to a couple of pages of weird MC-1 crimes and shown the fall out of it all as Rysk is overrun with dead people.
Highlight: Sector 80 and it's hungry alien escape. A creature from the Netherworlds Exhibition has escaped and has so far ate 17 citizens.

Story: The Graveyard Shift (Part 7) - We are now at 0315 and on the case of the Left Hand killer. A psycho with a Heavy Duty Disintegrator. After apprehending the killer, the night starts to slow down, allowing Dredd and the other Judges a brief respite for a sleep machine break.
Highlight: Jean Paul Blatty - The Left Hand Killer. Was attempting to beat the record for 1 on 1 murders. Sadly he only achieved 129 shy of the crime by 6.

Story: The Suspect - We get a rare glimpse into the ISO-Cube interrogation cells. Here we watch Dredd interrogate a perp, but after hours of attempting to get a confession Dredd has to let him free. Knowing him to be a criminal Dredd uses Spy in the Sky in catch him out.
Highlight: Working too many jobs. The perp was working 3 jobs, in a city with sky high unemployment this is an unforgivable crime.

Story: Rumble in the Jungle (Part 1) - MC-1 Justice Department unveils it's newest weapon on crime. The Manta Prowl Tank. During it's first true test run Dredd is a the helm and fears a Juve Rumble is about to happen in the The Jungle.
Highlight: Juve Gang names: Bernie Beesley Block - Bad Boys, James Dean Block - Juves without a cause, Morgan Fairchild - Flamingoes, T. Dan Smith/Roy Orbison - Juve Alliance, The Bruce Kent Bombers, The Lobsang Rampant Beast Pack and the Bob Marks Block Y-Bobs.

Story: Rumble in the Jungle (Part 2) - The Y-Bob's have stolen some massive Rad-tractors (designed to flatten tower blocks) and are riding them into the middle of a Juve Rumble.
Highlight: The Juve rumble. It's an all out fight, the Jungle has become a killing ground littered with the dead.

Story: Rumble in the Jungle (Part 3) - Dredd is leading a team of Judges against the Y-Bobs. Driving off a higher up bridge the team lands on top of the lead tractor and starts taking down the Y-Bob's. Soon the Judges have taken control of the tractors.
Highlight: With three giant tractors under their controls, the Judges turn them on the waring Juves and herd them into a bottleneck where they can arrest them at their pleasure.

Story: Bob & Carol & Ted & Ringo (Part 1) - Irrawaddy Skinnier and his Dinosaur Extravaganza are visiting MC-1. What could possibly go wrong with giant dinosaurs from an Atomic Wasteland.
Highlight: Bob, Carol, Ted and Ringo are all T-Rex's, looked after by the over caring Granville the Robot.

Story: Bob & Carol & Ted & Ringo (Part 2) - Granville the T-Rex handler has lost the plot. Believing to be doing what's best Granville releases the T-Rex's and attempts to lead them back to the wastelands.
Highlight: Four T-Rex's sneaking through MC-1 was never going to run smoothly. Soon damage is done and the first fatalities start to happen.

Story: Bob & Carol & Ted & Ringo (Part 3) - Having almost made it to freedom the T-Rex's get distracted by the Mutie Holding pens and soon a feeding frenzy begin. This gives the Judges just enough time to catch up.
Highlight: The poor muties who are now just a lunch snack for the T-Rexs.

Story: Bob & Carol & Ted & Ringo (Part 4) - The rampage is nearing an end, having been left with no choice the Judge kill the T-Rex Bob, but in the ensuring chaos the other three escape in to the wasteland.
Highlight: After speaking with Granville, Dredd let's the beasts go free. Instead Dredd arrests Skinner and sentences him to 17 years for the damage caused.

Story: Pieromania - Whilst on a routine patrol Dredd is Pied in front of a roving camera. Soon this one act of fun creates MC-1's newest craze. Soon entire block wars are being fought with pies.
Highlight: Wanting to ban pies a councillor uses the line - "Let them eat cake!".

Story: The Highwaymen - In the future even the constantly moving Roadsters of the MC-1 mega ways aren't safe from crime. Here enters the Highwaymen, using grapples they board the unexpecting victims and raid them before driving away to freedom.
Highlight: Mopads - Mobile Homes that permanently move. The families never set foot on non moving ground, there are even mobile malls for these families to shop in.

Story: Are You Tired of Being Mugged? - A new company has risen, offering the citizens of MC-1 protection from being mugged. The G-Men specialise in counter violence, but soon mugging crime numbers drop, leading to the G-Men becoming victims of violence aimed at them. Fearing a loss of control the Judges revoke a ban on anti mugging suits (a cheap if more dangerous form of protection) leading to the downfall of G-Men.
Highlight: Kent Fassbinder - Owner of the G-Men company having been made bankrupt resorts to mugging and is killed by an anti mugging suit.

Story: Bob's Law - Following the destruction of large amounts of the city the Justice department attempt to reorganise the remaining blocks into a new number system.
Highlight: As with everything in MC-1 nothing is easy and soon the population is rioting all across the city.

Story: Citizen Snork - James Snork, just an ordinary boy living in MC-1. Then one day after watching a vid show, Snork decides to grow the biggest nose ever seen! As Snork's fame grows he soon catches the eye of the "Collector" a crime who loves collecting weird human oddities.
Highlight: In order to save Snork's life Dredd is forced to shoot citizens Snork's nose off! Returning the poor boy to a life boredom.

Story: The Haunting of Sector House 9 - Dredd is investigating the death of Sector Chief Judge Erikson of Sector 9. It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary occurrence, but who has the power to psychically attack a Sector House?
Highlight: Judge Omar - Head of PSI Division. He is a badass Judge and one of my favourite characters of this era of Dredd.

Story: High Society - We join Dredd in Space at the Nelson Rockefeller Orbital Suburb, home to the rich of MC-1. A perfect floating sector with no pollution, crime or riff raff. That is until Dredd comes along with his Slum clearance act of 2105. Meaning that 29% of the homes have to be donated to the public sector.
Highlight: As soon as the public is allowed on board the flying city becomes a cesspool of crime and diseases, forcing the rich to abandon homes and soon Rockefeller is nothing more than a flying slum.

Story: The House on Runner's Walk - Reuben Henk is a perp on the run. Rushing into Old Town, Reuben gets more than he bargained for upon entering the local Boarding house.
Highlight: Lodgers of this boarding house are soon lobotomised and mind controlled. A clever scheme to get their welfare cheques and have the perfect house guests.

Story: Portrait of a Politician - Dave the Orangutan is just your normal ape hanging out in the local bar. That is until though a run of luck (not sure if good or bad), ends up as mayor of MC-1.
Highlight: Dave becomes mayor and all Dredd can say is: "Judging by his predecessors. Dave could be a definite improvement".

Story: The Switch  - After a first time arrest for a perp following a pro robbery. Dredd feels something isn't adding up. Soon he discovers a corrupt Judge has swapped places with a normal citizen.
Highlight: The switch victim has served 12 years in one of the most harshest jails known to MC-1 law. How on earth do you come back from that?

Story: Superbowl - Following a threat to the radiator team Dredd and Rookie Judge Dekker are assigned as protection. What happens next sees 5 star players and the head coach arrested for a variety of crimes.
Highlight: Turns out it was a Hoax call and the team was never under threat!

Story: Bingo - Even in the city of the future Bingo is still a hideous compulsion. Dredd and Rookie Judge Dekker are on the scene of the latest game and have to carefully shut it down without causing a medical emergency.
Highlight: Rookie Judge Dekker - pretty much doesn't need Dredd. Even in his own words she is one of the best Judges he has trained.

Story: The Making of a Judge - It's time for Rookie Judge Dekker's final test. Armed robbery! Can Dekker perform and pass Dredd's judgement?
Highlight: Dekker smashing through a hab block window and taking down three perps.

Story: The Wreckers - Judge Dredd is given 48 hours to clean out Sector 27 of the Wreckers and is given a task force of 100 judges. The Wreckers themselves have home field advantage but how long can they hold out against Dredd?
Highlight: This is a great tale! I love seeing the average struggling citizen driven to crime and then the fall out of the Judges coming down on them. It seems so harsh!


This was a return to classic Dredd, mini tales of random adventures that really showcase the city and it's weirdo's. Highlight's for me include the werewolves, fatties, Judge Omar, Judge Dekker and the Wreckers. I've been away from Dredd for to long and I am happy to be jumping back in. Here's to Complete Case Files 08.

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