Beer Review 64 // Noire Majestueuse Truculente by Simple Malt

Time for a beer review. This time I cross the border into Quebec and visit the great IGA on Greber for a saturday beer tasting and buying session. During this beer tasting I sampled the following beer and knew straight away I needed a bottle. So let us crack the cap and get drinking.


Name: Noire Majestueuse Truculente
Style: Imperial Stout
Brewery: Simple Malt or Brasseurs Illimites
Country: Quebec, Canada.
ABV: 11.75%
Commercial Fluff: Enhanced version of our majestic Black with a maturing period of a few months in oak barrels used for the production of bourbon. A Stout Reserve, indeed, that will put you full ... the senses!

Own Opinion

Label: Pretty standard design from this brewery. They change the colour based on the beer inside. It is neither exciting nor inviting.
Pour: Deep, deep brown with a solid brown head very tasty looking.
Aroma: Lots of booze coming through on the nose. Glad I am sharing this. As it starts to warm up aromas of chocolate start arriving to the party.
Taste: Damn that is a booze cruise. The alcohol heat hits the throat with a strong punch, but when combined with the roasty taste and the chocolate it becomes a nice sipper. Overall maybe a bit too much bourbon for me.
Would I buy it again: Yes. Definitely a brew I would enjoy again but I truly believe this is a sharing beer and not one to be braved solo. This was a beer I sipped over a long slow evening. I found the bourbon to powerful and lingering which meant I was able to slowly drink this and enjoy fully without rushing it. As the beer warmed over the hours I was glad to find more chocolate and roasty notes join in. I also discovered a slight sour note hanging around in the background that I originally put down to the bourbon hit. Maybe this was a newer barrel, but personally would have loved some wood notes to this brew.

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